Professional SEO Interview Question and Answers !!

Q.1. Tell me something about yourself?
Ans. It’s the most basic question which is asked by almost in every field to test your experience confidence in the particular area & your communication skills. So, no one can explain better than you instead of a few tips for you.
Start with thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to explain about me. I am Your Name, family introduction, your qualification, work experience whatever you have, strength.
question and answers for SEO
Q. 2. What is SEO?
Ans. SEO mainly stands for search engine optimization and it’s a part of Internet Marketing. SEO is a technique or process via this we can improve website visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, etc.
Q.3. Did you know what are the types of SEO?
Ans. Yes, there are 2 types of SEO which are
  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization
Q. 4. Which SEO techniques are popular?
Ans. Mainly two types of SEO technique is popular
1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO (Negative SEO)
One more type of SEO techniques which is also known as “Grey Hat SEO”
Q.5. Who does SEO?
Ans. The person who is known as the webmaster, SEO engineer or Website optimizer do SEO.
Q.6. What is On-Page Optimization?
Ans. On-page, optimization is a very important part of SEO & play a vital role in the improvement of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We can whatever changes made by us in coding or internal part of our webpage call on-page for instance content adding, meta tag placing, meta description, image alt tag, etc.
Q.7. What is Off-Page Optimization?
Ans. We can say on-page is the soul than its body without off page it’s quite difficult to get higher position in search engines for competitive keywords. In a simple language, we can say off page optimization don’t allow you to make any changes in the website. It’s the process of building quality links, forum discussion, article, directory, bookmarking, etc to boost the rank of your website.
Q.8. What tools do you use for doing SEO?
Ans. Generally, I use free tools like Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Alexa, Website grade, etc. Well, there are many paid SEO tools are also available like Moz.
Q.9. What is Anchor Text?
Ans. Link text, link label or link title these are the synonym of Anchor Text. A particular keyword or keyword phrase which is clickable is called anchor text. 
Q.10. What is PR or Page Rank?
Ans. PR or Page Rank is provided by Google and its help to understand the value of a website or webpage. The Page Rank is calculated by Google algorithm which is based on a number of backlinks received for a particular page, visitor’s reaction, bounce rate, etc.
Q.11. What do you mean by backlinks?
Ans. All the backlinks created for your website on another website called backlinks. It would be great if you’re taking links from high authority sites in do-follow high authority sites like .org, .edu and links from high authority sites.
Q.12. What do you mean by outbound links?
Ans. Links to other website or webpage from your own website.
Q.13 What is Keyword & Keyword Phrase?
Ans. The keyword is a simple word like “SEO” “Website” etc instead of this keyword phrase is “Seo India” “SEO Services India” etc these both type of word use to find relevant results in search engines.
Q.14. What is Keyword Density?
Ans. Keyword density let you know how many time you have used the particular keyword or keyword phrase in the web page.
Q.15. What is a Meta Title?
Ans. The title tag is an important factor of website and its place at the header of the page under the title section. This tag is important because it appears in search results to be very careful to create a title tag for the website or web page.
Q.16. What is the Meta Description?
Ans. Few words about your website or webpage which can describe your page service, product in best manner calls description. For instance, we can see the page description just below the title.
Q.17. What is Googlebot?
Ans. Googlebot is Google’s own software which does index, crawl & caching of webpage & update its collected data from time to time.
Q.18. What is meta tags?
Ans. The meta tag is a combination of several meta tags but it included 4 major meta tags which are meta title, meta description, meta keywords & robots tags.
Q.19. What is Google Sandbox?
Ans. Google Sandbox is an imaginary area where new and less authoritative sites are kept for a specific time period until they establish themselves as being displayed on the search results. Its generally happen due to building high volume of links in short time.
Q.20. What do you mean by organic results?
Ans. A particular web page which comes in search engine result page and not through any off page optimization is known as organic results.
Q.21. What are the limitations of title and description tags in Google, Yahoo, Bing &
Ans. Every search engine has its own algorithm and word limitation meta tag limitation for different search engines are as follows:
  • Title length should be 50- 60 character & description length 150-160 characters.
  • Title length should be 60-72 character & description length 155-165 characters.
  • Title length should be 65 characters & description length of 155 characters.
  • Title length should be 70 characters & description length of 312 characters.
Q.22. What are meta keywords?
Ans. If your main visitors come via Google than this tag is worthless for you because Google doesn’t consider this tag anymore if you still want to use can use it because other search engines are still considering it and it can help you to boost the rank of your website.
Q.23. What is the difference between White Hat & Black Hat SEO?
Ans. White Hat SEO- It’s the techniques which are like by search engines. If you are following search engine guidelines, rule and regulations, algorithm and policies to improve your website position are called White Hat SEO techniques.
Black Hat SEO – Black hat SEO is also known as a Negative SEO and its just opposite of White hat seo. If you are not following the search engine guidelines and using unnatural method to get higher position in search engines called black hat SEO. Few instances of Black Hat SEO are:
  • Low quality of duplicate content
  • Getting the link from the non-thematic website to manipulate Page Rank
  • Links from spam sites
  • Links from adult content sites
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Google Bowling etc.
  • Getting too many backlinks from a single page with different anchor text that targets a single page of your website.
Q.24. How will you increase the PageRank of a page?
Ans. It’s built a high-quality link from relevant web pages try to take a link from high pr website to increase the PR of your website or webpage.
Q.25. How will you treat Web standards while optimizing a website?
Ans. I personally use for web standards from the W3C whenever optimize any website, which helps me to get more points from Google to improvise page rank.
Q.26. What is 301 redirect?
Ans. It’s used to redirect users from the old page to the new page.
Q.27. What is Cloaking?
Ans. It’s the procedure of using some deceptive techniques that allow a user with a different version of the website than that presented to the search engines.
Q.28. What will you do to decrease the page loading time of a website?
Ans. It’s little technical and we cause external style sheets, fewer images, try to decrease the file size of an image without compromising the quality and use CSS sprites to regulate the HTTP requests.
Q.29. What is robots.txt file?
Ans. It’s a text file which allows search engines to which page, directory, the domain have to index or not.
Q.30. What is cross-linking?
Ans. In a simple way cross-linking means referral links whenever we post content from another website for our users and reader and in return place, the referral link of the website is called cross-linking.
Q.31. How will you resolve canonicalization issue or what is .htacess file?
Ans. I will resolve canonicalization via using the .htaccess file it happens several time that the home page of the website has different URLs like:,http/ or
May be search engines treat these url as different URLs and the work effort done by us will be distributed in these 3 and it will appear as duplicate website in search engines to resolve these type of issues we must .htaccess file and redirect to all URLs to a single domain.
Q.32. What will do you do maximize the frequency of crawling of your website by search engines?
Ans. I will do add more quality content to my web pages for fast crawling and indexing by search engines.
Q.33. What is Pagination in SEO?
Ans. Pagination is the practice of dividing a piece of content into different pages while at the same time allowing Google to better understand the important pages to be indexed. Read Google’s advice on using the pagination.
Q.34. How will you inform Google that a particular page contains Adult content?
Ans. It’s easy we can inform Google about the adult content via using following meta
<meta name=”rating” content=”adult” />
<meta name=”rating” content=”RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA” />
Q.35. What are top SEO ranking factors according to you?
Ans. It depends on several points like quality content on the web page, social sharing, anchor text used in the backlink, number & quality of inbound links, domain authority, page CTR, bounce rate & average time spent by a user on the page, etc.
Q.36. How you will good click-through rate (CTR) in pay per click (PPC)?
Ans. It’s not an easy task but can improve CTR via keeping these points in mind
  • First, select the correct keywords
  • Target your ads to the right audience
  • Target your ads according to language.
  • Make your budget before starting PPC
  • Create different Ad Groups for different search phrases/keywords
  • Keep analyze your ads on a daily basis and change it if you are not getting sufficient results from it.
Q.37. Where do you put your robots.txt file?
Ans. I will submit it to in Google Webmaster tools or in the root directory of the domain or subdomain which I am promoting.
Q.38. Your website is flagged as having malware, but you can’t find the malware. How will resolve this issue or what will you do?
Ans. The very first step I will submit a reconsideration request to respect search engine. If problem not resolves will post my problem in Google Webmaster help forum and take others to advise and try another option via tweeting @Google.
Q.39. “Unreachable robots.txt” in Webmaster Tools crawl errors means?
Ans. If getting such issues it simply means that you don’t have robots.txt file or search engine can’t reach robots. txt file on a server. If not have these option it could robots.txt file requires password or robots.txt file disallows access to your robots.txt file.
Q.40. You want that some of your keywords found on search engines but these keywords are related to your content and can only found in images on the page. How will you promote these keywords?
Ans. it’s not so difficult because the content for a website related to keyword as said these keywords can be found in images. So, I will use these keywords in image via “alt image tag” and submit it to some image promotion sites.
Q.41. All major search engines are case sensitive Yes or No?
Ans. Not any major search engine is case sensitive so far.
Q.42. Which of the following file is created to give instructions to SE bots?
a. Index.html
b. Spiders.txt
c. sitemap.xml
d. Robots.txt
e. Searchbot.xml
Ans. D- website owner uses the robts.txt file to give instruction to search engine tools.
Q.42. What is the difference between 301 redirect & 302 redirect?
Ans. 301 Redirect – 301 status code means that a page has permanently moved to new page or location.
302 Redirect – 302 status code means that a page has temporarily moved to a new page or location.
Q.43. How will you find the number of backlinks of your competitor’s site?
Ans. There are many free tools available online for free to find out the backlinks of a website like a link operator on Google, Alexa, Backlink Watch, Open Site Explorer, Backlink finder, etc.
Q.44. What is the difference between Spiders, Robots, and Crawlers?
Ans. Its tricky question doesn’t get confuse because spiders and robots are the same basically its program which crawls the website and grab its content and add it to search engine indexes.
Q.45. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Ans. SEO mainly stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Instead of this SEO mainly provide top position in search engines and organic traffic to a website and SEM involves the use of Google AdWords and other paid channels of advertising.
Q.46. What is the method of content optimization?
Ans. Everyone uses his own method to optimize content but in my opinion, few best content optimization methods are Keyword density in content, Keyword Proximity & Keyword Prominence, etc.
Q.47. Do you types of Keywords?
Ans. Yes, the types of keywords are primary keywords, secondary keywords, branded keywords, non branded keywords, and seasonal keywords.
Q.48. Did you know what is the difference between the targeted page & landing page?
Ans. Page which we have targeted to rank that page known as targeted page and the page which has ranked called landing page.
Q.49. Which are the top 5 most important on-page factors according to you?
Ans. As per my experience and knowledge, 5 most important on-page factors are:
1. Title
2. Description
3. Heading Tag
4. Image Optimization
5. Content Optimization
Q.50. What is the different method to control the robot?
Ans. We can control the robots via 3 methods which are:
1. Robots.txt
2. Robots Meta Tag
3. Rel= nofollow
Q.51. How will you optimize a website which is made on Flash and what is your suggestion for your client?
Ans. Search engines don’t crawl images and its hard to optimize fully flash website. So, I will recommend to client use the alternative of flash like HTML 5 which is more search engine friendly.
Q.52. What do you understand by Frames in HTML?
Ans. Frame is an HTML technique which split the content into several parts & search engines see frame page as completely different pages which left a negative impact on SEO. So it would be good if avoid frame in a website.
Q.53. A client will allow you to take only tool either Google Analytics or Google Webmasters which one you choose?
Ans. Off-course I will go with webmaster tools as we can see few analytics data in webmaster tools.
Q.54. What is the Keyword Difficulty?
Ans. Keyword difficulty let us know who difficult to rank a particular keyword.
Q.55. Which is better Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag?
Ans. Meta Robots tag is much better as because it helps in forcing the search engine crawlers not to index and display the hidden pages in your server.
Q.56. If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which of the following are recommendable to do in order to rank well in country-specific search results?


Ans. Very first thing I will check is that website in appropriate language if have then used language attribute in HTML code of the page. I will recommend hosting the website on the same country hosting after doing will submit website to local search engines.
Q.57. Do you know Matt Cutts, Sergey Brin & Larry Page?
Ans. Yes, Sergey Brin & Larry Page are the founder of Google. Matt Cutts is the head of Web Spam team currently.
Q.58. Do you use separate Seo strategies for Google, Yahoo and Bing?
Ans. Yes, As these are different search engines so need to use different strategies for each. Website ranks in Google which are the high authority and a good number of backlinks instead of Yahoo & Bing give more value to page title & Meta tags.
Q.59. What does the abbreviation PPC stand for?
Ans. Pay Per Click (PPC) measure how many online advertisers must pay each time their advertisement is clicked on.
Q.60. What is LSI?
Ans. LSI mainly stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It’s a data retrieval techniques which finds a connection between words and the use of synonyms while fetching data from the index.
Q.61. Will you use an ordinary HTML sitemap with Google?
Ans. No, As Google has a special format to sitemap compare to ordinary HTML sitemap and we can create these sitemaps for free which Google accept.
Q.62. You have just launched a new web site. Unfortunately, nobody visits it, even search engines’ spiders don’t notice it. What can you do for its SEO success?
Ans. It happens with new sites some time if I am in such a situation I will submit the url to search engines directly or submit in search engines directories.
Q.63. What is the difference between the exit rate and bounce rate?
Ans. We all are familiar with bounce rate which indicates the percentage of people who leave a particular website just after viewing a single page on this & exit rate indicate the percentage of people who leaves from a particular page.
Q.64. Can search engines see password protected pages?
Ans. Due to the security purpose website, owners don’t allow search engines. If we have a website which is password protect and a user can’t view after login than the search engines also can’t see it.
Q.65. As a point of view of SEO which link is better Text Link or Graphic Link?
Ans. The text link is far better than the graphic link.
Q.66. What are Google EMD updates?
Ans. EMD update its is for “Exact Match Domain” and it was launched in September 2012. A few websites rank on top of the search engines just because their name includes that keywords and they don’t have quality content anything which helpful for users. So this search engines devalue such type of sites and start giving weight age to high quality and authority sites. Few websites maintain their pages updated content and regain the position but most of the website is worthless nowadays.


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