Role of ORM in Digital Marketing

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is a multi-faceted concept focused at enhancing a brand’s, business’s, or individual’s public reputation. Monitoring reputation, responding to any content or consumer comments that could harm the brand, and implementing techniques to prevent and cure problems that could harm an entity’s reputation are all part of reputation management. In a nutshell, ORM is all about tracking and controlling your brand’s online reputation, ensuring that your company is appropriately portrayed online.

How to Manage Online Reputation Management?

For successful online reputation management, you’ll need a system you can implement. Of course, the method will differ from one organization to the next, based on the size, industry, and resources available.

  • Perform an Audit of Your Online Reputation
  • Establish an Online Reputation Management Strategy
  • Monitor Brand Mentions Efficiently
  • Dominate SERPs for Brand Searches
  • Encourage Positive Reviews Online
  • Managing Negative Online Reviews
  • Create Content that Is Always On-Brand
  • Choose Your Influencers Wisely

Advantages of ORM in Digital Marketing

  • Builds trust and community;
  • Reinforces your brand and image;
  • Increases customer retention;
  • Attracts strong employees and increases employee retention;
  • Improves search engine rankings;
  • Differentiates your business from competitors;

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