What Makes WordPress Popular In The World?

WordPress is the most popular and easiest way to create your own website or blog. It is responsible for 43.3 percent of all websites on the Internet. Yes, it is likely to power more than one-fourth of the websites you visit. It is an open-source content management system released under the GPLv2 licence, which means that anybody can use or change the WordPress software for free. A content management system (CMS) is a technology that allows you to manage critical components of your website, such as content, without having to know how to code.

What Is The Need Of WordPress?

  • Have Multiple Users
  • Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows
  • Extend the Functionality of Your Site with Plugins
  • A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go
  • The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable
  • You Have Control of Your Site
  • Search Engines Love WordPress Sites
  • No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required
  • Manage Your Website from Any Computer
  • Ease of Use

Who Can Use WordPress?

  • A Multisite Network
  • Amazon-Affiliate Stores
  • Magazine and Digital Publishing Websites
  • Wiki/Knowledge Website
  • Multilingual Website
  • Online Community
  • Portfolio Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Business Website
  • A Blog

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