On-Page SEO: Step by Step Guide to Rank #1

For the successful promotion of a business website online, you need to adopt the best search engine optimization (SEO) services offered by digital marketing agencies, like those offered by There are significant SEO activities and factors which determine your website’s online visibility, ranking, and traffic as well. Those factors are the website’s technical analysis, page speed, keywords’ ranking, content optimization, title tags, alt text, and so on. These are standard SEO activities that lie under two categories like On-page and Off-page SEO promotion of your website. Every SEO professional needs to follow the right SEO strategies to do branding of client’s website and services pages to rank on the Google search.

Among all the standard SEO strategies, most webmasters do emphasize On-page SEO activities for the website’s better results. It involves a website’s technical analysis to check its technical accuracy and is all set to promote online without any technical issue. Moreover, the On-page SEO practices include website updates and overall improvement activities that help you generate traffic, SEPR ranking, and backlinks for the site. Hence, it is significant to do On-page SEO promotion of the website to get good results of ROI for your online business.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the key practice of promoting a website online and improving its technical accuracy along with online functionality to get intended results for traffic, keywords ranking, backlinks, and other search results on Google. Also, it focuses mainly on the website content optimization techniques to get it clear visibility and approach to the readers online. The website has good On-page optimization will rank higher its service pages along with content on Google search results.

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Many SEO professionals do different practices for the On-page SEO of a website and its pages. But, the intended results will come in favor of those, who will follow ethical and organic On-page SEO rules only.

There are some more ways to do On-page SEO of websites through Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO as well. In all the ways, professionals will try to optimize website content, pages, images, and videos too. If you want to get desired results for all optimization processes, you should follow ethical ways to do On-page SEO of the website according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines only. It involves the step-by-step practices to On-page SEO of website that will give you good outcomes for website and service pages on Google search results.

Benefits of On-Page SEO

If you will plan an On-page SEO strategy for your website, you will get optimum results for the website on Google search.

  • It will help in the easy crawling and indexing of websites on Google search.
  • Improves ranking of the web page and content visibility.
  • Gives a significant hike in keywords and page ranking on Google.
  • It helps in redirecting the website URL.
  • Monitors your website’s performance online and tracks its data daily.
  • Enhances the technical accuracy of the website.

So, if you wall to experience all the above benefits for your website, you need to follow ethical rules and the step-by-step procedure of On-page SEO strategies as per Google updates:

Here are 10 standard steps to follow for good On-page SEO optimization of your website:

1. Page Content Optimization

Google ranks higher on the web pages, which include quality content including relevant keywords. Hence, it is significant to take care of your site’s content quality first. Besides, the relevance of keywords in the article, proximity, and density of keywords in the content can also make the difference in improving the page ranking of the website. Do not try to use keywords in excess in the content. Try to put a standard density of keywords in the content. For instance, you need to use the keyword once in the first 100 to 150 words of the article. It will improve the chances of your website’s content to optimize well and improve page ranking on Google too.

2. Title Tags and Meta Tags

It is one of the significant steps of On-page SEO of website pages. It is essential to write title tags and meta tags of web pages that should include relevant keywords too. Try to keep keywords under 70 characters and add them to the title tag of the page to enhance its value for online readers. Besides, you need to write a meaningful meta description for a website page that woos readers to click on it to fetch desired search results. Hence, it will help in boosting the ranking of pages and driving more traffic to your website.

3. Heading Tags

Your website content and its structure should be adequate and include accurate headings for easy readability. Make sure, your write-up includes informative and well-structured content. Also, the content should have a relevant heading hierarchy like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Hence, the content has multiple headings that will focus on special details of the subject in fragments that enable the reader to get step-by-step information about the topic. It will be good practice for each page on the site to include one H1 tag to conclude some specific detail about the topic.

4. URL Structure

The On-page SEO activity of web pages also includes proper analysis of their URL structure. It is meant that shorter URLs of the page are the best for more readability. The pages having relevant URL structure can also help in improving the click-through rate of the site whenever links are shared to the other sites.

5. Alt Text

For On-page optimization of images and videos in pages, you need to use Alt text or tags smartly. It will help in easy crawling, ranking, and of images on search results and give a relevant description of them to the readers too. Hence, you can attract users online through images and videos of your content by adding relevant alt tags or texts to its description.

6. Page Loading Speed

It matters that your web page loads at a faster speed on search results. The online customers do like to visit the web pages time and again, which load faster with 3 seconds. Hence, it enhances chances of increasing website page traffic, ranking, and reduces the bound rate of the page. So, you need to improve page speed first and check the current speed of it on Google’s page speed insight tools that should be adequate. If it’s not, you need to do the needful to improve page speed wisely.

7. Internal Linking of Pages

Your site’s pages should have good internal linking too. Thus, it will help in the easy crawling of pages on Google. Also, it will boost the interest of the reader or online customer to visit your site pages again to fetch relevant data by following strategic linking of pages in the right sequences. Thus it will help in the On-page optimization of pages if they have a good internal linking structure.

8. Responsiveness of Page

Make sure your web pages have been made completely responsive to get accessed online through gadgets having any screen size like desktop, laptop, mobile phones, notebooks, etc. Your On-page SEO of pages should follow the page responsiveness feature that empowers users to load pages on any screen size device in original sizes, colors, and design as well. Also, a responsive page should have good loading speed on all gadgets.

9. Page Schema

Your website On page strategy should include page schema that should include the right HTML schema, and page title to get displayed on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Hence, it will boost the display of content on the page and improves ranking as well.

10. Display of Page Interfaces

For a good user experience, you need to emphasize the clear display of page interfaces and features too. The website or its pages having an organized display of images, videos, contents, etc., will attract online readers. Besides, the website’s design, graphics, logo, and other user-centric interfaces should be optimized well to get massive traffic, clicks, ranking, and backlinks for the website on Google search.

Thus, above are ten major steps that you should follow to do relevant On-page SEO optimization of your website pages to rank higher and get traffic as well as backlinks on Google search results. If you want to get quality On-page services for your website, you may consider the services of the best SEO agency Malaysia. They are popular for providing cutting-edge On-page and Off-page SEO services for websites and ensure good results of the ranking, traffic, backlinks and leads for your business site too.


By following all the above steps, you can get the best results for On-page optimization of your website on Google that will lead its traffic, ranking, backlinks, and leads for your online business too.

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