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Business from Scratch: How to Promote

Small and start-up companies can rarely manage a large budget for promotion and marketing. Working with limited funds, entrepreneurs use ingenuity and have to look for non-standard solutions. Creative thinking comes to the aid of small businesses.

How to Promote Your Business For Free

There are many ways to promote your business for free, to be remembered by your client, and to take a leading position in your niche. However, they all require another key resource for business – time. It helps to get to know the client better, to evaluate different approaches and the effectiveness of the influence of promotion tools, and to achieve much more success in marketing even with a limited budget. We will tell you about the most effective online and offline ways to promote your business online.

Features of Targeting On Facebook

Thanks to targeting and the ability to segment your audience, social media promotion is a very common marketing strategy today. With Facebook Marketing tool, you will be able to attract more customers, because this is the social network where most people sit. The guys at foxbot are just helping you with the automation of marketing your business on Facebook.

Before you set up targeted ads, prepare a landing page (it can be the same business page on Facebook or another social network). Also, one of the main factors that influence user loyalty and trust on the page is the verification icon.

Using Blogs

Blogging allows you to implement a multi-tasking strategy: you can tell the customer about your product, life, and news going on inside the company, create a human and friendly image of the organization when communicating with clients, and reduce the distance between the businessman and the customer. There are many platforms you can use to promote your business online for free. For blogging, use free services such as WordPress or Tumblr, which offer user-friendly designs that are different (a clear advantage over the same LiveJournal) and allow you to go the multimedia route: upload photos, videos, illustrations, duplicate social media posts.

All entries in a business blog can usually be divided into several categories or rubrics: they either talk about life within the company or about the product it deals with. We’ve already written about what ideas for corporate blogs can also be used. Understanding the principles of SEO can ensure a fairly high ranking in search engines, thanks to the writing of quality articles. Considerable attention should be paid to the design and writing of the title post. By doing this, people will quickly understand who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer.

Publish Articles On Your Site

Starting a blog and publishing helpful articles there for clients and partners is a good option for free online promotion. To get to the top of search results, you need to publish quality content and pay attention to SEO.

Communicate With Your Customers Through Videos

The best way to accomplish multiple goals at once is to make a video about your business and post it on YouTube. It’s not as difficult or expensive as it sounds. You can shoot the video on your phone or ask your friends for a camera or a camera, the main thing is to fill the video with interesting content. You can learn the basics of editing yourself if you have the time.

Then post the video on Youtube, and if you produce some kind of creative product, it’s better on Vimeo. For example, the German manufacturer of headphones Sennheiser makes simple video reviews, in which he talks about the features of different models and gives a visual demonstration.

How To Promote Business On The Internet With Photos

This method requires no investment at all. Create an Instagram account and post just one photo every day. It can be anything: photos of a new product line, illustrations of daily work, shots from the production, design changes, screenshots of funny correspondence.

Instagram has an amazing property: it makes almost everything look more attractive than it is, but it doesn’t require painstaking design work.

If your business is related to fashion, beauty, travel, photography, event management, and other areas for which visuals are important, this service is great for promotion.

Promote Business On Internet With Photos

Email Marketing

In the early days of Internet marketing, email marketing was one of the most effective tools. But over time, there were more and more newsletters, and users read them less and less, so the effectiveness dropped. You can read more about creating effective newsletters here.

Today, email marketing is still used by large companies or businesses that have been doing mailings for a long time. And for younger companies, such a tool may not recoup the cost of gathering a database and conducting mailings.

Buying Posts In Other Groups

A common way to advertise on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook is to buy promotional posts on other public sites and groups. And you can do this both directly through the administrators of communities and the exchange of your chosen social network.

The effectiveness of the posts you buy depends on many factors: community topics, posting time, subscriber activity, and their number.

And that is why the process of selecting groups plays a key role in such advertising.

Will Free Advertising Work?

Any advertising will work better if you follow the basic conditions:

  • Use sites that have your target audience;
  • place an interesting advertising text;
  • Do not forget about the call to action (subscribe to the news, register, buy).

Think about who will read your content. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: what will they learn from the ad, will they be interested in the offer, and what they should do after reading it. If you do it right, even free advertising can bring good results and increase sales in your business or improve the rating of your site.

As you can see, the scope for choosing promotion tools is huge. But there is also a problem: it is difficult to choose the optimal channels for attracting customers, and not to waste your budget and time. Everything is very individual for each business, so it remains only to test and look for your own.

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