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  • Facebook MarketingFacebook Algorithm

    Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business

    Social media marketing is one of the most powerful business tools that modern companies can use. Social media users are not just scrolling and browsing – they are looking to buy. In fact, around 75% of Facebook users report frequently checking in with Facebook business pages and company sites at least once a week. This number becomes even more impressive…

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  • Digital MarketingHow to Promote

    Business from Scratch: How to Promote

    Small and start-up companies can rarely manage a large budget for promotion and marketing. Working with limited funds, entrepreneurs use ingenuity and have to look for non-standard solutions. Creative thinking comes to the aid of small businesses. How to Promote Your Business For Free There are many ways to promote your business for free, to be remembered by your client,…

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  • Facebook MarketingFacebook Ads CTR

    Tips Need To Focus on Increasing Facebook Ads CTR

    When the first time Facebook introduced the Facebook Flyers, no one would be imagined Facebook Ads will become one of the largest online platforms for business promotion. Annually, Facebook Ads is turning into the more costly platform because of growing the list of businesses that use it to advance their plans and make a place in the heart of consumers.…

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