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The Best TOP 4 Website Builders

Nowadays, it is standard for a company to have a website. Unfortunately, in many cases, creating a website is associated with hiring a professional development company for this task. It is now the norm to have your own website. Most often, users decide to start and run a blog. The problem arises when we want to create our own website, but we do not know any programming language. Check out clasywebsitebuilders, it helps you to create your own website.

However, if you do not have programming skills or you do not have the funds to hire a development company, you can create a website yourself. We present 4 selected page builders, to which you can create your own website without specialized technical skills. Our goal is to answer the common question of how to create a website using ready-made software for creating websites so that it is fully professional and satisfying.

The main advantages of website generators include: simplicity of use, a built-in wizard, consisting of a few simple steps tells you what to do in turn to create a good website. Another advantage is the quick effect, because an attractive and functional website can be created in just a few minutes, without the need for technical knowledge.

The elements to look for when choosing a wizard are primarily:

  • Responsiveness
  • This is an extremely important point where we assess how a given website creator deals with displaying pages on mobile devices such as a tablet or mobile phone. We check whether the page is readable on different screen resolutions.
  • Polish support
  • Earning opportunity
  • Some wizards allow their users to earn, e.g. by recommending a given wizard, or by creating more pages in the selected website generator.
  • Many Webmasters
  • Sometimes it is possible to edit pages created in the website builder by several users.

Anyone can use one of the wizards mentioned above and create a professional-looking website. Despite many similarities, individual website generators differ from each other in particular elements, not only in the way they work with them but also in the possibilities of websites built using them.


This content management system allows you to create websites from scratch on the template or choose the template that suits you. It has the ability to integrate with social media and integration with external service providers such as Shopify, Facebook or Google Analitycs. We can also add the widget to your website or add Live Chat.

The wizard itself was created for 2 years, starting from 2011 and was first launched on November 19, 2013. The tool has been updated almost 160 times since its inception. The WebWave development team is constantly improving its tool and implementing new solutions, including those proposed by users.

WebWave support is of high quality. We can count on a response the same day, both if we are a free user and a premium user. For beginners and advanced webmasters, WebWave organizes online training in creating pages in the Wizard and SEO activities.

Creating a page in the WebWave wizard is extremely easy. We start creating the first website by registering on the company’s website. Then we go to the choice of theme, on the basis of which we can create our own version of the page or choose an empty template and start creating again.

The WebWave wizard provides a tutorial for newly registered users. Choosing the right template is done by referring to the category we want and selecting the option “I choose this template”.

All tools needed to edit the page are available in the wizard’s desktop. Using the WebWave Wizard gives the impression as if we were using a program for graphic editing of photos.

The whole process of creating a website using the WebWave Website Creator can be found in the guide How to set up a website in 10 minutes. The wizard also allows you to add your own HTML and CSS code. In each subsequent step we are led through the process of creating the page almost by the hand. In addition, we can always use WebWave technical support for Live Chat.

Advantages of WebWave

  • Free Image Bank
  • The WebWave library provides free use of photo copyright.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • The so-called. “Green padlock” is one of the most important factors determining the security of our website and the trust of users.
  • Free domain
  • A bonus for WebWave users is a free domain at the price of hosting.
  • Versatile Support
  • We can count on the support of the WebWave team through Live Chat, mail and telephone contact.

WebWave Website Creator is a tool that allows you to create your own website at a low cost and without advanced technical knowledge in the field of creating websites. It saves large sums on implementing complicated solutions that we get in WebWave right away. 


Wix Wizard is the second most popular CMS in the world. It has many different types of thematic templates that are immediately adapted to use. The wizard configuration takes only a few minutes. Has its own Application Store and many free solutions. We have most of the functions we need at the beginning, but if we require something more specific, just enter the application store, install and simply drag it to your website. To know more details and features, you can use this specific Wix review as your resource or reference.

IM Creator

This content management system is based on choosing the right template for us. Prices vary depending on the functionalities required. However, we can try its capabilities for free and use free templates. Interestingly, IM Creator also has a special section with mobile applications. Additionally, when purchasing a website, we can buy hosting. The IM Creator offer is intended for both Web Designers, Freelancers and individual clients. 


This is an intuitive website builder. It allows you to create responsive websites for business, freelancers and individual people. The pages are created easily and look quite transparent. Most templates are 100% customizable. We can try the wizard’s functionality for free. If we have our own application, we can integrate it with our website. Webflow also offers hosting services, has over 100 servers around the world. By using Webflow hosting services we receive an SSL certificate and a guarantee of the page loading quickly by the provider. On his website, Webflow has a step-by-step course on creating a website on his CMS. It contains information ranging from introduction to HTML to the introduction of special functions.

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