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What You Need To Know About Getting Your Website Into Google News?

Google News is a highly functional, feature-rich avenue that efficiently streams various kinds of news and information snippets to a mammoth audience in almost all the countries across the globe, all through the day. It basically maneuvers a specific section technically that caters breaking news with important headlines and relevant articles by sourcing valuable data from thousands of news websites. Including your business or new website in the framework of dynamics through which Google News works is undoubtedly extremely beneficial as it would result in a significant jump in traffic volume to your portal.


Impacting Traffic

By now, you might be pondering on the issue of how and to what extent Google News has an impact on driving traffic to your website.

  • After getting your website or web platform in Google News, whatever value you create will be given its due priority by the algorithms of Google, in tandem with sophisticated search engine dynamics.
  • This will lead in creating a buzz about your platform among a huge number of internet users. They would become interested in your products and services, or whatever you have to convey or state through your website, leading to a manifold increase in traffic.

The Key Question about the Website Category

One of the most curious and fundamental queries that internet enthusiasts and digital entrepreneurs ask is the type of website that draws more attention from Google News. While there is no hard and fast rule on this matter, data, minute observations and logic reveal that the websites that regularly publish relevant blogs and articles with interesting content are more likely to get the priority.

Resourcing From Multiple Authors

Multiple Authors

You can have a website that daily publishes articles from multiple authors, covering a diverse range of topics. It is a better option than having a single-author blog publishing long pieces.

Time Taken By Google News to Push the Content

From a practical viewpoint, you will not pull all the limelight as soon as you start publishing. After creating a decent amount of content, the Google News algorithms will be triggered and they would optimally give you the priority that you deserve.

Updating Content Is Crucial

Irrespective of the brand or concern to which you are attached, your website or portal will be pushed by Google News in 2 to 4 days. Keep in mind to frequently update the content on the platform in order to get a distinct ranking priority in the coveted arena of Google News.

Getting Your Website Approved By Google News

Now comes the billion dollar question of getting your portal or website tidily approved by Google News. What are the factors that you need to consider? Which are issues to be managed? This list is elaborate and you need to have clear strategies on this matter. Weighing different measures shrewdly and keeping the fundamentals correct are the optimal measures that you must take in order to gain an upper hand in a highly competitive market.

Having a Customized News Theme

Suppose that you have planned and already put a website on the internet that gathers and rewrites various kinds of news, shortening the lengths of the original articles. How can I increase the probability to get noticed by Google News? The rule of thumb is to customize it, making the content unique in your rewriting format, with an Infographics.

Styling With a Solo Structure

A good method to implement is making the theme in accordance with any top news portal-style. It will essentially have a well-defined silo structure in a category-wise framework. Having a customized new theme is one of the basics you need to keep in mind.

Innovation in Authorships

It can be safely said that if you want to get significant attention from Google News, you need to constantly use innovation in terms of topics and authorships on your platform. The sites that cover numerous interesting topics on a regular basis receive a ranking priority from Google News.

Integrating Author Biography Pages

Involving multiple authors on your portal would mean that the flow of quality content would be unhindered, drawing traffic from various regions across the globe. Also, you need to have short biography pages about these authors that would introduce them to the readers.

Determining Frequency of the Articles

What can be an optimal frequency of posting articles or information snippets on your website? This question might have perturbed many of you. In this case, too, there is no stringent rule. But approximately, it can be stated that posting somewhere between 2 to 4 articles would work fine for your business.

Have Additional Freelancers in Team

You must have a good collaborative atmosphere with various authors and coordinate professionally in order to source the articles on time. Maintaining the frequency is also a key factor. Always have additional freelancers as they can be handy in times of urgency when any of the authors fails to submit a work.

 A Thoroughly Professional Appearance

They say that the first impression is the most important impression. In order to draw more traffic by utilizing Google News, you must have a sleek website, with a high standard of aesthetics. It is crucial to consult a reputed web development company with a high stack of tools and software for building your digital portal. This would enable your platform to become robust functionally, with correct streamlining of all the relevant strategies.

Stressing On Visuals

The display screen with various sections and information details should be updated, when necessary. Branding the website via aesthetics is very important.

Having Original Content

It is needless to say that you need to source highly original content for your website on a daily basis to gain digital relevance. This means strictly avoiding aggregated content from various other platforms. It also does mean not trying to leverage on curated content. Get your writers to pen original articles on numerous fields, from nature to technology to social issues and other such arenas. Remember that search engine algorithms are in eternal love with original content. Your website will be lapped by them in no time.

Showcasing an Effective Business Model

One of the prime factors making your website more significant in the Google News framework is to have a robust revenue model. You need to sit down with your team of strategists and business policy makers on this note, chalking out measures to implement. The business model must have strong fundamentals with clear profit motives. Moreover, you should have a vision on the flow of the revenue stream.

Non-Intrusive Model

The features and functions of the model should be non-intrusive by all means. Moreover, it should essentially be legit, complying by all the rules and regulations.

Detailing the Content Structure

You can’t even afford to miss the minor details while adding value to the content structure of your website. Each article or blog piece needs to be delicately dealt with in this context. You should mention a date before every article. Also, the name of the author must be prominent. Mentioning the article category is also critical.

Having Image And Video Content

You can have several images and/or video clips embedded in the article. Structuring them properly is essential, too. The sharing icons are required to be user-friendly and easily accessible. Also, the comment section beneath the articles is needed to be curated regularly.

Stressing On Mobile-Friendliness

Is there really any need to mention that your website should be fluently mobile-friendly to be lapped up by Google News? Most of the readers, including your target audience, access various websites, irrespective of genre, through mobile phones like android sets and iPhone models. It is a basic and at the same time tangibly effective strategy to make your website mobile-friendly in order to increase the traffic volume.

Compatibility with Any Mobile Interface

Mobile Interface

You must discuss this issue with your web development consultant. The platform should be compatible with any mobile phone interface. Moreover, the navigability of the portal should be simple.

Having URLs That Are Unique

The URLs of your website should be unique in nature. Try to test it by implementing suggestions from a team of experts, comprising professionals from various backgrounds, like software, media, marketing, content management, etc. Unique URLs are absolutely mandatory for increasing the digital relevance of your website. In this regard, one of the crucial measures to take is including pertinent keywords that would make the URLs robust and search-friendly.

Having a List of Keywords

It is very important to have a list of keywords that you can dig and use accordingly. Testing the effectiveness of the URLs regularly is also an intelligent task that you must perform.

Using Critical Keyword Tags

You must learn the advanced concepts of using keyword tags so that you can get the preferential ranking from the Google News platform. The news articles or blogs that you publish must have extremely strategic keyword tags attached with them. They are instrumental to pull traffic from various online sources.

Utilizing Plugins

You can discuss the matter with your content management team and reach a consensus on the stock of relevant keywords. WordPress provides you a wonderful plugin that helps you to get hold of effective keywords related to Google News.

Optimally Utilizing the Sitemap of Google News

Many entrepreneurs and internet enthusiasts forget a basic thing in excitement of starting or running a venture. It is as simple as surfing and testing through the various features of Google News platform. You need to explore the sitemap of Google News in order to gauge the depth of different utilities that it provides to the clients.

Putting an Effort to Understand Dynamics

You will get to a better position to understand the dynamics and functional perspectives of how Google News works for various types of websites and content materials. There is a fantastic XML plugin in WordPress that serves this purpose elegantly.

Accurately Crafting the Headlines

Headlines are the portions that appear more prominently on your website, no matter whether the reader is surfing through your portal on a laptop or reading it on an iPhone. Hence, it is logical to put a lot of attention in crafting the headlines of the articles or blog pieces that you post on the web portal. The headlines must appear extremely professional, not losing their context, and reflecting a deep inclination to a standard news environment.

Using Relevant Keywords

Moreover, you should use relevant keywords for the different headlines. Simply using any set of words casually will not benefit you. There must be exclusive brainstorming sessions with the content management team in this regard. Also, the headlines should be aesthetically attractive, magnetically drawing the attention of readers.

Submitting Your Website to Be Integrated With Google News

You must check that your portal or website is meeting all the specific requirements that have already been mentioned in this write-up. After completing all the technical checklist items, you must enter the relevant details about the website in the digital form provided by Google News. Keep in mind that you can apply multiple times to be integrated with Google News. But the point to be noted is after you get rejected, you can’t apply for the same for a period of next 60 days.

Further Verification Process

You need to give Google News your domain name. You will get a specific verification file that you must download, verifying your platform with the search console of Google. Diligently follow all the relevant steps in completing the process successfully.

Some Red Flags

There are some red flags that you must avoid in order to have an unhindered business growth with your website. The foremost of them is not posting job updates or typical how-to instructional guides on your website. Also, it is a gross mistake to update a blog or an article just after you have posted it on the website. It will create technical problems for the search engine crawler and its algorithms.

Textual Content Is a Priority

Moreover, it is not a wise thing to merely post video clips or images without any quality textual content. You also need to segregate news content materials from various non-news contents.

Embracing Google News

It is hoped that after you go through this roadmap, you will get a fair overview about dealing with various requirements and dynamics of Google News. Don’t wait for long and jump into the action straight away!

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