Building Backlinks: How Hard Is It Really?

One of the most useful SEO tools that many business owners neglect is building backlinks. This tool helps users from other websites find yours, but to get your URL on other websites, you have to do a little work. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the work alone as link building services are ready to help so you can remain free to work on other business-related tasks.

Link Building 101

Backlinking has a reputation of being challenging to accomplish. The challenge comes from getting other websites to link to yours. Sometimes, backlinking happens organically, especially if you have content or products that become viral. Otherwise, backlinkings happens when businesses reach out to each other and ask for a connection.

Backlinking and Page Ranking

Google uses several metrics to rank websites on search engine results pages. The search engine giant relies on everything from keywords to metadata, but one of the most important factors is backlinking. Google considers backlinking as a vote of confidence from other websites, proving your site is legitimate and provides useful products, services, and information.

Before you begin reaching out to businesses for backlinking, you should evaluate your website for style, user-friendly features, and quality content. Other businesses will want to link to your site, especially if it helps theirs.

The Ease of Building Backlinks

Building links is easier than most people think. Once your website is ready to share with other companies, you or your link-building service can start looking for friendly websites that will share your content and products.

Ask for Links

The easiest way to get backlinks is to contact websites and ask them to share your URLs. Other websites will link to useful content, especially guides about products or services, e-books, infographics, and case studies as these can give their websites credibility.

When you ask for links, consider businesses that would also benefit from linking to your website. You help each other by linking to content you’ve spent time and money building.

Add Links Manually

You can build backlinks by adding them to open websites. For example, you can go to your social media profile and add links. You can also add them to business directories, forums, comment sections, and Q&A sites.

While this method is easy to do, it is not the most effective type of backlinking. Customers might find you, but Google doesn’t give these websites much value when they rank your pages.

Earn Links Organically

The best way to add value to your Google page is by crafting content other websites appreciate. When they build blog posts, they’ll look for links that give the content credibility. If you have a research-based post they can use, they’ll add your URL to keywords.

You can increase organic link building by sharing your content on social media. Adding interesting graphics like infographics or charts often draws more backlinking. Consider creating online tools that other websites can use. Many of the most popular backlinks involve guides and how-to content.

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