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The Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks Trending in 2024

The number of smartphone users increased from 62 million in 2010 to 265 million in 2020. An average smartphone user spends over an hour each day on apps. The lesson is that if you do not have an app for your business then you are likely to be ignored. Ease of use and functionality of apps matter and these are linked to the mobile app development frameworks used by the mobile app development company. In recent times some frameworks have leaped ahead due to ease of development and features. If your app is built on one such framework it stands a better chance of being used often. So, what are the trending app development frameworks in this year and in 2024? Find out.

React Native

React Native’s low code demand, third-party plugin compatibility, and support for both iOS and Android make it a popular choice for app developers. If you are planning to launch an app on Android and then on the iOS platform then you should select mobile app development services in India with expertise in React Native. This framework relies on a native JavaScript library to help developers come up with a compact, feature-rich, and easy to use mobile apps. Facebook uses it and is credited with its development. The core set of text, images, and views interface with Android or iOS UI for a seamless experience. Instagram, Airbnb, and UberEats deploy apps built on this framework.


Xamarin, on the other hand, is based on the .NET framework and mobile app Development Company may choose it for its capacity to build super performance apps for Android, Windows, iOS, WatchOS, macOS, and tvOS. Developers have full access to APIs, tools libraries, and programming languages as well as Google emulator manager, Android SDK manager and storyboard files. In the right hands, it is a capable tool, delivering superb performance and functionalities in mobile apps. Alaska Airlines, UPS, and Microsoft News are built on this platform. It does, however, require expertise on the part of the developer and familiarity with .NET and C#.


Flutter from Google poses strong competition to React and Xamarin. If you plan to stick with only the Android platform then you could get the mobile app development services in India to work on your app based on this framework. It supports apps for iOS too and has rich motion APIs, strong widget support, and a layered architecture permitting speedy development. It is not surprising that Alibaba and Google Ads are built on Flutter.

Jquery Mobile

Based on HTML5, Jquery mobile helps in the speedy development of apps for phones, tablets, and desktops. It offers a simple API and works well with HTML5, making it perfect for web apps. It is also lightweight and has a Jquery core plus an extensive library, plugins, and tools that reduce the effort and cost of app development. When used with PhoneGap, you get apps that have wonderful UI and rich feature set.


If your requirements are not complex then Ionic is just perfect since it combines with CSS3, HTML, and JavaScript to build native apps for Android, iOS, and hybrid web apps. Plus, it works alongside Angular, Cordova, and PhoneGap. The framework uses the Angular MVC architecture based on the Typescript language stack.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI fuses Bootstrap, Angular JS, and HTML5. Developers can come up with HTML5 hybrid desktop and mobile apps independent of JQuery dependencies and also create responsive interfaces. This framework is especially recommended should you wish to convert a functional desktop web app into a mobile app or the other way around.


Formerly known as Apache Cordova and then PhoneGap when the original developer was acquired by Adobe, this framework permits cross-platform app development using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It is easy for mobile app development services in India to offer apps that make full use of various sensors in the camera like accelerometer, GPS, and camera but it does have a learning curve.


If the games app is what you have in mind then the Corona framework fits the bill perfectly. It is open-source, permits cross-platform development of games that will work on TV, desktop, tablets, and mobiles. Lua is the scripting language that powers Corona. It offers excellent API support for any native library and it has multiple plugins to make the life of mobile app developers easy.

Native Scripts

Native Scripts is open source and leverages the power of Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, Vue.js, and Angular. Developers can leverage this fusion of frameworks to come up with some amazing apps quickly and at affordable prices. You get direct access to Android and iOS APIs, which is another plus. It is worthy to mention that this framework reduces the code and load time of apps.

Intel XDK

Should you be considering the incorporation of IoT into your apps then you should zero in on a mobile app Development Company with expertise in Intel XDK, a cross-platform framework with a host of useful plugins and facility to test, debug and emulate the app. It also supports Node.js and full preview to enable you to iron out kinks. Developers find it easy to work with since it supports drag and drops options too.

It is difficult to say which one is the best. After all, the end-use and goal of the app is also an important consideration when choosing the platform for development. If you wish to target only iOS users then Swiftic, for example, works fine. Corona may be fine for gaming. Likewise, each framework has features that make a particular one suitable for a particular application. For companies that wish to get apps developed, it is best to discuss their requirements with mobile app development services in India and let them select the appropriate framework in which they are proficient. This way you get the best price, expertise, and an app that performs flawlessly. Smartsight Innovation possesses expertise in a variety of frameworks and offers mobile app development services to enterprises as well as third party IT service providers on the platform of their choice.

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