Top 10 Sites Like Reddit – Best Reddit Alternatives Sites

Best 10 Reddit Alternatives Sites
If you are a Reddit lover and want to know some more sites like Reddit, this article may help you!
Reddit is one of the most popular social media and news aggregation websites which is loved by its users! There are several features of Reddit which make it one of the popular websites out there. It’s not very easy for any other website to beat Reddit in terms of popularity, the frequency of updates and the user community.
1). Quora
Quora is one of a fabulous open discussion community which has accumulated immense popularity in the recent past. Quora is known to be a question-answer based website but still considered as a Reddit alternative because of its nature of allowing users to share and grow each other’s knowledge.
2). StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon is the next website on the list of top 10 sites like Reddit. It’s one of the largest content discovery engines which are designed to allow users to share and discover the content of their interest across the world.
3). Voat
If you visit Voat, you will be surprised with the uncanny resemblance in the Interface of the Voat and Reddit. For the first time, it’s not hard for them to confuse both the social media websites as same if the name were no different.
4). ProductHunt
If you have any particular product in mind to look for, ProductHunt is certainly the one must visit a website for you! With the little different concept from Reddit but pretty much the same idea, ProductHunt lets you discover the best products for you in various categories.
5). 4Chan
4Chan is another site like Reddit that is solely image based! You can consider 4Chan as we have Instagram on our mobile where users are allowed to post Images and drop comments on them.
6).  NewsVine
Newsvine is yet another popular news sites and considered to be one of the sites like Reddit. Newsvine is very popular among those whose main purpose for visiting the website is to know about the current happenings on the Internet!
7). HackerNews
If you are keen technology enthusiasts and holds the extensive interest in the hacking-related stuff, probably Hackernews is the place for you!
8). Digg
If the above-mentioned sites like Reddit have not yet satisfied you and you are still in search for the best Reddit alternative which provides the information about the current happenings on the Internet, you can consider Digg without any doubt.
9). Slashdot
For the tech enthusiasts, slashdot is a must to go for the place. If you are looking for sites like Reddit because you are unhappy with the cluttered interface of Reddit and want information specifically on Tech, Slashdot might be the answer for you.
10). Popurls
Popurls is one of the very popular news websites which aggregates contents from several other popular websites like Reddit, Digg, The Verge, The Huffington posts etc to offers news about the latest happenings on the Internet!

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