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Common Errors To Avoid In Mobile App Development

The mobile app development industry has suffered a lot of ups and downs since the arrival of mobile app development software. It has made the industry quite democratic. Now everyone is capable of developing a decent mobile app with only a little bit of knowledge of app development. Everyone is well aware of the complex testing procedure because of which anyone may miss out on countless errors, loopholes, or bugs which in turn may end up in the release of a dysfunctional app.

A lot of hard work goes behind the making of every mobile app. Every company, no matter how big or small knows the importance of time efficiency in mobile apps. But still, some of these methods lack faultlessness and they all face similar problems which are a result of some common mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to recognize common errors you should avoid during mobile app development.

Testing everything

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that your app is tested for all the vital aspects of functioning that constitute the overall makeup of the app. Ensure that everything is well tested by the mobile app developers and that all the app features are fully compatible with the basic functionality of the mobile. Give sufficient time to every part of the project, and don’t miss any major tests that can create further troubles for your app.

Testing your app

Running your app through various tests is an important step in the field of mobile app development. Often, developers commit the mistake of making the app without running it through sufficient tests. Maybe this is because they are confident enough about their product. Which is good; but more often than not it is this confidence (or over-confidence) of developers that is the root cause of all that is wrong with the app. So, be aware of such misconceptions and conduct tests as frequently as possible.

mobile app development common mistakes

Website and Mobile testing

Creating a website for a computer and a mobile are two completely different things. A recent study found that most of the online traffic consists of mobile phone users. So now you know where your focus should be. Always work keeping your target audience in mind. Web apps are made to fit a bigger screen and with a comparatively stationary location. Whereas mobile apps are made in a way that they can be used from anywhere. So the mobile app demands some special attention. When working on a mobile app, it should be ensured that all the necessary tests are performed related to the different mobile carriers, different versions of operating systems, updates of the operating system, the range, memory, and battery usage, etc.

Organize everything

According to Gourav Jain, Senior Android app developer at Simpalm, “a well-planned app is different from an unplanned one. If you wish to minimize the chances of errors in your app then make sure that everything is well organized. Set achievable deadlines and make a schedule. This will help you in creating an app that is efficient and free of common errors.”

Address all the performance related issues

The performance is the foundation of your app. Doesn’t matter how good it looks; if it does not do the job that it is meant to do, no one is going to use it. So, performance issues need to be addressed and solved within no time.  Developers usually ignore performance issues that occur once in a while and recover quickly. But if you are not taking it one step further and looking into the issue, you will never be able to figure out the origin of the problem. This can prove to be a bigger issue in the future, which you certainly don’t want.

Analyze each test

Whenever the testing of any mobile app takes place, one thing that is almost always missed out is the regular checking of the previous tests than had already been performed. An accurate way by which you can maintain a regular check on all of the tests that you have performed in the past is regression testing.  Regular regression testing guarantees the significance of the tests you are performing. Make your app developers look for every minute detail as bugs can be hidden anywhere. Remember, when it comes to mobile app development attention to detail is the key. This is also a great way of knowing the quality of your mobile app and correlating statistics in various formats.

Testing in all the different versions of OS and phones

This is a common mistake done by many app developers. Ensure that the tests are performed on various mobile devices. This helps in getting a good overall idea about the basic functioning of the app. Pay major attention to the devices that are most commonly used by your target audience. Testing on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, etc. can give you a sufficient idea about the working of your app.

Perform Sync Tests

In these modern times of cloud storage, app testing has become a must to keep app syncs in check. It is also helpful in telling how well the app is working across various devices and whether it is safe to sync or not. Also, remember to check if your app is still integrating with the cloud without losing any vital info after you have updated and reinstalled the app.


Mobile app development can be a tough nut to crack. With a lot of things to keep in mind, it is common to make mistakes. But don’t let that stop you from creating your dream app. Remember to test with numerous repetitious iterations of performing the same activities to ensure the desired results are achieved. Ensure that you do app testing as frequently as possible. These points, if followed wisely, can help a developer not fall into the trap of common errors that can often prove to be fatal in mobile app development. One thing that is also worth noticing is when you are trying to make your app user-friendly, don’t just be satisfied with a responsive alone. Aim for an app that is super fast. Try to create an app that not only fulfills all the demands of your users but also offers something new to them.

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