Improving SEO of Your Website Following These 7 Excellent Tips

Content is the king, or so they say. This has always been an appropriate and relevant motto, regardless of the varying degree of changes surrounding marketing. Whether it be traditional or conventional channels or modern digital ones, the content will always be the king. It will always rule over everything.

The reason why content is your primordial consideration is that the audience will ultimately look beyond the bling and seek relevance. The promotional aspects and attractiveness are only a specific medium through which a customer can be enticed to your doorstep. Unless you do not have what he is looking for, there won’t be any effect, however much you try.

Websites are the first step to getting on board the digital wave and ensuring a steady business volume for your brand. But the thing worth noting is that merely creating a website by itself is no assurance of traffic volumes and sales. For this, there are other techniques to ensure that your content circulates amongst the target consumer groups known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Be it Real Estate Marketing, people are directed to your content based on their search on the net, learn more about it at InVideo. The keywords they use become reference points, and therefore the right keywords can be optimized to make sure that the search results point to your website. This is done through SEO techniques.

The following ways are essential to improve the SEO of your website to bring in more traffic –

1. Embedded Videos on Sites

Most websites today are using a lot of multimedia on their websites, including embedded video-based content. Videos by themselves are extremely important for SEO rankings because they are the most effective form of content. When a site contains a video, it is deemed a sign of relevance and quality content.

Due to its presence on the site, videos give the signal to the search engines that the site contains information/media relevant to the searched terms or keywords. In this way, the search engine keeps ranking these sites as most relevant. Therefore they are placed higher on the listings as consumers prefer more video-based content to ease accessibility of information.

2. Strategic Use Of Keywords

Keywords are simply one of the most important parts of the search results and, therefore, SEO techniques. When a customer searches for particular information, the search terms are stored in the Search Engine’s repositories. As more people search on similar terms, this directory starts to find common words or terms used for such searches.

Based on it, a search engine looks for websites that are relevant to these words or terms by finding websites that also contain these or similar words. These words are known as Keywords and are reonsible for improving the search rankings based on the search terms’ appropriate relevancy.

If you don’t have keyword research or any SEO background, you can seek the assistance of an SEO agency to manage your next campaign. They can write SEO-optimized articles or blogs so that website owners can focus on other digital marketing and sales strategies. Find out more about how an SEO agency can help you choose the best keywords for your web content.

3. Hosting Content On Popular Platforms

Merely putting up content does not suffice in itself. Content, be it video or text-based, needs to be hosted on multiple platforms. This is particularly relevant for video content. Embedding videos on websites is a good way to gain more viewership, also posting videos and marketing on social media such as Facebook or Instagram is also very helpful, learn more about Instagram marketing by clicking here.

It does not alone bring traffic to your website. For this, you need to host content on popular platforms such as social media sites and video streaming sites like YouTube and InVideo. Basing your content on different platforms and sites attracts audiences from different backgrounds too.

When you host your content on various social media, advertising, and networking platforms, you’re increasing your likelihood of getting brand mentions. For instance, if many people quote your company or brand name on their social media accounts, their family and friends or general followers will know that your business exists. Hence, it means you’ll have greater social media exposure, which is also considered a search engine.

4. Improve Performance and Buffering

How often have you frowned upon videos that show you circling dots instead of the content you wish to see? Videos or other content take a longer time to buffer or a long time to load put off the viewers. Unless your content is improved in terms of performance, it is seriously going to jeopardize the viewership.

This is because a viewer may visit your video but will not stay on it for long. In any case, many reports suggest that the attention span of the average viewer is decreasing by the day. This is why you must focus on improving your content’s performance and decreasing the buffering speed and loading time of your content.

So, how can you decrease your content’s loading time? Go straight to the point when creating your content. It’s the very reason why online users clicked your URL or webpage link in the first place. Avoid too many unnecessary images or videos. Talk to your web designer and web developer about other ways to boost your website’s speed, like checking unnecessary codes and files. Of course, don’t forget to check your bandwidth and discuss this matter with your web host provider.

5. Using Embedded Links and Backlinks

Videos and content today have become more and more refined with each passing day. Nowadays, videos are featuring embedded links, and so are most text-based content. These backlinks are another way to ensure that your SEO rankings improve.

The greater number of backlinks you have, the better it is for your site. Backlinks are in-built links that redirect you to specific sites or landing pages. Backlinks are also an essential way to earn more income from affiliate marketing strategies. This way, you are able to diversify your content and build up better income and profit from it.

6. Promotion Through Other Social Media

It is important to understand that though your target audience is looking at the relevant search engines, not all the people are there. It is important to focus on consumer groups that have a particular demand, but it is even more important to diversify your approach and create more demand.

As people grow more impatient and intolerant, you have to consider that the viewers will not always stick around for your content on a singular platform. Therefore you have to make an effort to bring the content to them.

7. Using Appropriate Metadata Description

Once a website uses more keywords in its content, media description, or metadata, it slowly gains more traction on the search results, improving its rankings in the search listings. Metadata descriptions are the small windows through which the relevancy of the content inside is adjudged. The more metadata and descriptions contain keywords, the more they are bound to improve search results.


Ultimately, SEO rankings are determined by the quality and consistency of the content. Before you adopt any SEO optimization hacks or shortcuts, it is important to maintain the content’s quality and consistency. Only then can your other tools and techniques bear appropriate results. Thus, content marketing and other strategies are secondary considerations, but the primary is and will always be quality.

Sonu Singh

Sonu Singh is an enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert at 4SEOHELP. He is digitally savvy and loves to learn new things about the world of digital technology. He loves challenges come in his way. He prefers to share useful information such as SEO, WordPress, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing etc. His provided knowledge helps the business people, developers, designers, and bloggers to stay ahead in the digital competition.

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