6 Excellent Benefits of Video Testimonials That Win Your Customer’ Hearts

A video testimonial is a review of your company’s products and services by a customer that is delivered through a video clip. Reviews through a video would be more effective than regular reviews. The power of a video where a potential customer can see a real customer talking about his experience using the products makes for powerful communication. A well-made video testimonial can be very effective in winning the customers’ hearts.

The following are six excellent benefits of video testimonials that make it such a strong way of reaching out to new prospects.

benefits of video testimonials

1) They Increase Credibility

The best way of increasing credibility is through the use of video testimonials. A video testimonial ensures credibility as the moving image of a customer reviewing a product will appeal to leads and potential customers. A well-made customer testimonial can have the video of a customer explaining how the product helped meet his needs. While reviews on websites through the text mode have been used for a long time, video testimonials are much more credible.

A review on websites is usually posted by a person who does not use his real name. Neither is his picture available. On the other hand, a video review has a real person talking. The name of the person would be displayed. This makes the testimonial believable and a prospect would be more likely to believe what is said in the testimonial.

2) They Focus on the Solution to A Problem

Videos of ads would talk about the product’s features to promote it. If a video testimonial has a customer talk about product features, then it would sound artificial. It would look like a marketing promo rather than a review. This is why a well-made customer testimonial video needs to focus on the benefits of the product rather than its features. A potential customer is more concerned about the benefits he would get for buying the product.

The testimonial needs to talk about what was the problem that the customer faced, how he went about trying to seek a solution, and then explain how your product acted as a solution. The testimonial video must clearly focus on the problem on hand or the specific need of the customer. This would be something a potential customer can relate to. This is the most effective way of presenting a product in a testimonial.

3) They Promote the Brand in the Most Effective Way

Brand promotion does not need slickly made advertisements or a big budget, all its needs is good word of mouth. A customer who appreciates a brand does much more to bring in new customers than any marketing effort can. A video testimonial is the best possible way a company can promote itself. When a customer is talking about a brand and its product, it is the best possible promotion that can be done. This is more effective than getting celebrities to endorse a brand.

Promote the Brand

When someone wants to buy a product and is on the lookout for a good brand, he would consider one that promises what it delivers. A testimonial by a customer that talks of how the brand delivered on its promise are the best possible way to promote a brand. It is the best way of making a name for the brand and bringing in recognition.

4) Reach the Customer’s Heart

The way to a customer’s purse is through the heart. Anything that appeals to the heart of the customer is a winning formula. A customer needs to form an emotional connect with a brand and its product before he can become loyal to it. The customer should feel that the brand genuinely cares for its product. He should feel that the product meets all his needs. The best way to create a connect is through the words of another customer.

A video testimonial featuring a customer who is narrating his experiences is the best way to establish a connection with a potential customer. A powerful testimonial where the customer narrates a story on how the brand has helped find a solution for his needs will definitely touch the heart of a customer and help win it.

5) Creates Desire to Buy the Product

A video testimonial is a good strategy to grab the attention of a potential customer. The message it contains will generate interest since it is narrating the experience of an existing customer who has used the product and is happy with it. Once the attention and interest of a lead are captured, the next thing to do is to create a desire to buy the product. This is where a video testimonial can be effective.

When the testimonial is presented as a story that narrates how a customer solved his problem, it is the best way to create desire. A lead who sees this story will be tempted to buy the product since he has the same need and the product would act as a solution for his problems too.

6) Compels a Viewer to Act

When a video testimonial is made in a professional way with the use of a well-shot video with narration, text, and graphics it can be extremely impressive. Such a testimonial can convince a potential customer that this is the brand he needs to work with. A good video testimonial would create a desire for a new customer and make him act by actually going ahead and buying the product.

An excellent video testimonial is one that has a subtle call to action from the words of an existing customer. It should be subtle, else it would look like an advertisement. The presentation of the video and the way it conveys the message can impress a potential customer enough to make him open his purse and go ahead with the purchase. Putting an offer for new customers just below a video testimonial on a website is a great call to action by a brand.

The above benefits explain how a video testimonial can win customers’ hearts.

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