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How Businesses Use Digital Marketing in 2024

As a specialist in business marketing, we make an overview of the trends for the new year every year. Predictions about business Marketing Trends in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 have come true and cannot be ignored by a professional business online marketing department. That is why we again challenged the business experts to predict the business Marketing Trends 2024.

When we talk about influencer marketing in the business, we are talking about fewer subscribers, but we are talking about real enthusiasts. If you follow a welder on YouTube, you will enjoy welding yourself. And if he works with specific materials, you are inclined to test this. In 2019, influencer marketing within the business also became an important part of the social media discipline. It is a great opportunity for business companies to enter into a dialogue with customers, surprisingly. This will become large in 2021.

We have developed various dealer Zoe Talent Solutions in collaboration with a number of our customers. These programs have been tested many times and work well. The program is made up of different parts that overlap with different customers. The purpose of the dealer marketing program is to provide an online measure of the quality and image of our customers’ brands. To guarantee this, we constantly perform online checks through various online marketing tools. With this, we measure not only the traffic on the pages of dealers but also brand awareness.

With the dealer marketing program, we provide dealers with top-of-the-line images, input for newsletters and support for SEO optimization. We also offer joint SEA campaigns. With this, we set up a Google Ads campaign for the dealer, in the name of our customer. An amount is made available for this from the customer. As the dealer realizes that such a campaign is effective, it is quickly prepared to invest more in it. This makes a local player a top regional provider for our customers.

Our dealer marketing program is constantly evolving and will expand further in 2020. We continue to connect dealers, inform and set up successful campaigns.

Mobile Design

Mobile-first and adaptive design: both are trends that have been around for a long time within the business and now also play an important role in the business. Mobile-first means that a website is specifically designed for display on mobile. This then scales on desktops. The adaptive design focuses on both worlds and offers a custom UI and UX for mobile and desktop. For example, there is a lot of room on the desktop to strongly position the brand with large visuals and extra information, while on mobile this will take up unnecessary space. In both cases, the focus must be on how a user can achieve his goal with the least effort.


The transmission of a message through a story, we see it passing by more and more often. Consider, for example, the landing pages of giants such as Apple and OnePlus, on which new products with phased information are presented to the user. With each scroll, you reveal the next part of the story, without being flooded with all the information at once.


Nothing catches more attention than moving images. In 2019, many websites visited that made use of “animate on scroll”, a technique in which animations only start when the relevant elements are in the picture. Animations (such as illustrations and icons) and creative hover effects are also a hot topic when it comes to interacting with buttons and directing attention. We expect this to develop in the business in the coming year in combination with storytelling to bring products and information to the attention in a creative way.

Loud Typography

It is not a new trend, but one that continues to gain in popularity. Large and bold texts scream for attention and are a way to convey important messages. Use this smartly to focus on what you want your users to look at.

business videos are usually very practical. It explains how a product works, an expert talks about a certain application or end-user accurately highlights all the benefits of your product. However, the standard is increasingly shifting towards producing videos that incorporate a strong narrative. The viewer wants to be included in the story that you have to tell. Make your story personal. You can put your company, brand and / or product on the market best by telling the story behind it. Have you built your business business from scratch? Make a short documentary about this! Is your product going to solve certain problems for companies? For example, choose a commercial in which this situation is portrayed vigorously, perhaps to the absurd, if this fits with the identity of your company.

This trend stems from consumer marketing. Video experts have argued for some time that in a saturated (social) media world only the strong storylines stand out. It is striking that we are therefore prepared to watch a video for more than ten seconds. If your story is interesting, you can safely use the time to tell. Of course, it remains the art to get the viewer’s attention and to continue to fascinate him. In short, in 2020 we will see more videos in the business world that respond to emotion and the person behind the technology. business Storytelling will become more popular.

It is expected that in 2020 more and more websites and webshops will be built as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A PWA is a website that works as an app. You can open it via your browser, which means that an installation is not necessary. A PWA charges quickly and is reliable. This is because the content is partially downloaded on the mobile device, making it possible to use a PWA offline. Push notifications can also be sent. It is not only suitable for mobile display but also desktop.

Use Visuals

A message is better remembered by the reader when the message is transferred with an image or a video. So always provide a relevant visual for a social media post.

Use Relevant Keywords

Many companies are not aware of it, but social media content is also indexed by Google. And on various social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter you can follow certain keywords or hashtags with a personal profile. Using relevant keywords and hashtags will become increasingly important in 2020 for creating organic reach on social media.

Make The People Behind Your Company Visible

Don’t just show messages and visuals from your company. Also, involve your employees in the business social media strategy. A personal touch in social media content ensures a higher reach and better engagement. By only communicating as a company, you ensure a certain distance with the followers of your company pages.

Create A Content Calendar For Consistency And Variation

When you use a content calendar in which you schedule messages per platform in advance, you ensure consistency and recognition in the number of messages posted. Variation ensures that you then distinguish yourself. This makes you stand out more quickly within the target group.

Visualize Unique Selling Points With Video Ads

With video ads, you can show the most important USPs of your product in a fast, striking way. An advantage of video is that your message stays with the target group longer. Ideal if you want to familiarize many potential customers with your company in a short time or if you want to stay in the sights of your current customers.

Do you also want to start with paid video ads? First of all, provide valuable video content. Square or vertical mobile-first videos will be more valuable in the long term because the number of mobile users will only continue to grow. Advertising your video via YouTube is obvious. Also, consider using a paid video ad on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Preparing For Voice Search Advertising

Advertising via voice search is still in the development phase. But if you want to be ahead of your competitors online, now is a good time to prepare for a paid voice search. Since spoken searches are often long tail, you can, for example, tailor your advertising texts to this. Also, look at your landing pages. With hyper-specific landing pages tailored to a long tail search term, you have a better chance of being hit. And if you are not yet using the page for voice search, you can, in any case, use it in a very specific search or display campaign.

Testing With Automation

Google has invested a lot in the past period to further expand its automation systems. Think of automated bidding, smart bidding, and responsive and dynamic search ads.

What does this mean to you? Thanks to this development, companies that advertise in search engines can save even more time improving their campaign performance. At Google you can, after all, benefit from their vast knowledge about the search behavior of your target group. This makes it easier for you to serve the most optimal advertisements to your target group.

Keep in mind that not every automation system will be a good fit for all campaigns. Testing and analyzing are the magic words. Google’s systems first need time to learn from your campaign data before they can optimize the campaign. And if you work with multiple ad accounts, the apprenticeship time may differ per account. If you want to start testing, we recommend testing one automation strategy at a time.

The importance of social media and social advertising will only increase further in 2020 for business organizations. With social advertising, the deployment of campaigns on social media, the target group can be targeted very specifically. This means that it is possible to determine very specifically who will see the ads. This is especially crucial in business because it is often about very specific services and/or products.

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