Five Best Ways to Deal with Negative Reviews on Google

Getting bad reviews can damage the reputation of your brand or services to a significant extent which makes them a nightmare for any business. You invest your money, time, effort and not to mention hard work to build a reputation of your brand but it gets spoiled when your haters leave a bad remark.

For some companies, no matter how big or small they are, negative comments are destined to come their way sooner or later. And when it happens it becomes a dreadful situation for the owners of the brands to deal with them. Many such companies seek the help of an established Online Reputation Management Services Provider.

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However, in such scenarios acting cool and understanding the situation before taking any action becomes the need of the hour. There are many ways in which you can fix the negative reviews on Google. Follow these steps as shown below:

  1. Respond to the Fake Reviews

In most of the cases, removing the reviews is not possible, so you need to respond to them in a polite manner. Even if the remarks are false, it is recommended to revert in a positive manner.

This is because you are not only countering your critics, you are also putting out your thoughts on how to resolve the dissatisfaction of the customer.

You should promptly respond to the negative remarks because your immediate reply indicates your commitment towards your customer and shows your quick customer services

Most of the people who read the reviews of your brand are the ones who are interested in seeking your products/services. Hence, you should ensure your prospective clients through the reply that the issues won’t be repeated in the future.

  1. Flag the Fake Google Reviews

Google also provides the option of flagging the review so that it can be removed. The steps to flag the fake remarks are as follows:

  • Open the Google Maps and search for your business.
  • Browse through the reviews and select the fake ones to be flagged.
  • Look for the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the review are and click on “Flag as inappropriate”.
  • In case these steps are not working, you can always call Google and follow the Flag Review steps or you can fill up the Google form requesting them for legal removal of the negative content.
  1. Contact Google My Business Support (GMB)

If are not able to remove the reviews, you can get in touch with the representative of Google My Business Support (GMB) directly.

Among the various ways through which you can get in touch with GMB, direct messaging on Twitter is the best possible way.

  1. Focus on increasing the Positive Reviews

Having only positive reviews is next to impossible for any business. You will always come across some clients who are not satisfied with the quality of your product or services.

Most of the time Negative Remarks are added to the review page to bring down the average review score of your business

Try and get at least 3 positive remarks every month on the Google+ page of your business. It gradually helps you in building a good review portfolio.

You can also follow other review strategies to increase positive reviews about your brand.

  1. Resolve the Customers Complaint

Staying on top of the fake comment always helps in turning the bad remarks into good ones, so focus on solving the customer’s complaint.

For example, if any customer is not satisfied with your service and has left a negative comment, you should reply to them with a solution. This way you customer might be compelled to overturn their review.

So, the above-mentioned points are some of the most efficient was to fix the bad review on Google

However, if you are not comfortable or do not have enough time to perform the above activities, you should contact Online Reputation Management Company. These companies can help you deal with any kind of negative content using effective and efficient strategies.

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