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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Platform You Must Use for Your Application Inspection

Have you ever thought, why industry experts insist so much on app testing before releasing it on App Store or Play Store? If not, we must tell you that inspecting your app before launching it on respective platforms ensures that it will perform to the best of its “level” when used by your target customers. Suppose that while testing your android or iOS application, you find that your product page loads too slow on some smartphones or your homepage doesn’t render correctly. In that case, you can fix the persisting issue in your mobile or web app using the most reliable tools, so the same problem doesn’t develop when real users use your application. However, suppose you want to save a few dollars by not making the most of the mobile app testing platform. In that case, you can’t kick out the possibilities of going your application haywire when your target audience tries to stream a live video, order a household product, or perform a mobile recharge, ok?

And have you imagined what could be the repercussions if your mobile or web app “really” delivers the poor user experience? Your customer engagement will drop, your conversion rate will fall, and more importantly, your brand reputation will get disrupted, resulting in total loss. So, the question arises, what can you do to avoid such “losses” in your business? Well, it will help if you hire a reputed app testing firm in the USA that uses tried and tested mobile app testing platform to cure your application’s condition. This way, you will get an error-free and butter-smooth app “that” will be ready to get launched on desired platforms and generate a higher return on investment.

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Now that you got the clarity on the mobile app testing platform, it’s time to dig deeper into:

10 Best Mobile App Testing Platform you can use for your iOS and Android app testing


One thing “you” can’t forget about Appium is that it is one of the finest mobile app testing tools to data that gets used by a “large” number of professional testers out there. And do you know what the reason behind it is? It is pretty easy to use when it “comes” to test web or mobile apps. Besides that, it works fine even when you use it for examining hybrid applications. Not only that, it doesn’t require you to make any changes to the codes over applications since it easily integrates with iOS and Android platforms.

Test Complete

Test Complete is another app examination tool on this list that lets you run “many” repeated UI tests to inspect your iOS or Android applications. What else? This mobile app testing software features options to run the necessary tests on real mobile devices or emulators as per your requirement. Though you will find many automated test scripts while using this software, you can still choose from JavaScript, VBScript, Python, and many more.


Now when we have listed all the optimal mobile application testing software here, how can we forget HeadSpin? It is one of the finest testing tools out there that offer QAs real-world UX insights for businesses to enhance their mobile or web app performance. And do you know what the “main” goal of this app testing application is?

It aims to help testers deal with myriads of “customers experience” challenges perfectly across scores of complex mobile applications. And to make that feasible, HeadSpin offers “deeper” insights into performance and UX issues across every area of every mobile app.

Test IO

Next, Test IO is another mobile app testing software “here” that you can use to test your business apps in real-time and ensure it works fine on all phones with different operating systems. What “else” you might not know about this tool is that it detects the internal bugs in your applications even better than the professional testers. In addition to that, this app testing tool comes with several flexible testing measures that help you meet the testing needs of your application “extremely easily” and deliver results faster than your expectations.


Robotium is one of the proven cellphone app testing tools that come in handy to test the android apps using an automated testing framework. Apart from this, you must “keep in mind” that this app evaluation tool is particularly “useful” for black-box testing on android applications. In “case” you are not familiar with black-box testing, we must tell you it is a “special” type of software testing in which you can inspect the different functionalities of your applications without knowing its:

  • Internal code structure
  • Internal paths, or
  • Other implementation details


Kobiton is the “next” cellphone app testing tool on this list that provides you with “full” control over mobile devices in real-time when testing your imperative applications. But, how? Well, to help you achieve that goal, it offers you support for multi-touch gestures during manual mobile app testing. And if that’s not all, you can also leverage the support for:

  • Different orientations
  • GPS simulations
  • Camera and speaker control, and
  • Device connection management

But do you know what the most excellent news about Kobiton is? It ships with a trial and paid version both. On top of that, you can also attain prepaid testing minutes by spending just $10, which never expires, by the way.


The very first thing you must memorize about “Experitest” is that it is not only known for being a reliable mobile app testing platform, but also that could offer mobile test execution and analytics and mobile manual testing and debugging.

Besides that, the good part of this smartphone app testing tool is that it supports IDE or Integrated Development Environment plugins that comes in handy for testers by allowing them to test various apps directly from its source code. Moreover, if you need some assurance before choosing this app testing software, we must tell you that giant companies like Samsung, McAfee, AmericanExpress, and CISCO recommend it.


If you are looking for the most used and most trusted manual app testing tool in the market, this is it. It comes with some unique features like “real mobile device testing” in the cloud that you might not be “aware of.”

In addition to that, it lets you run automated tests on physical Android and iOS phones using TestingBot’s device farm. And since this software offers one of the largest platforms to test mobile and web apps, you can choose it without a second thought if you have too much on your plate.


Besides all discussed, if you are looking for a tried and tested mobile app testing software that lets you thoroughly examine the UIs of multiple Android-based native and hybrid apps, this is it. The best part?

Well, Selendroid2 have support for Client API testing. Not just that, this testing application comes with superb capabilities when it comes to interacting with several Android phones simultaneously after you plug them into the system.


Last but not least, Xamarin.UITest is a handy app testing framework that performs exceptionally well when it “comes” to checking the UI of multiple iOS and Android applications. And in case you are not “informed” about the specialty of this testing tool, we must tell you that it supports cross-platform testing requirements. Besides, as far as its test scripts are concerned, they get written in the C# programming language.

Final Note

We hope you learned a battery of things through the “whole” content, including a “number” of mobile app testing tools available in the market to examine your iOS and Android applications. So, if you found this write-up informative and want to be better off with top-notch mobile app testing services, please ensure to give a ring to the most quality-centric app testing firm in the USA.

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