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Best HTML Courses for Web Development in 2024

Web developers are becoming more and more in demand every year because the technology and applications industry is also actively growing. As a result, the relevance of training in web development is also increasing, and there are more and more students studying this area. HTML is not the most straightforward programming language but one of the most used, so its teaching is given much attention in courses and universities. Sometimes it becomes difficult for students to cope with assignments, and they have to seek support from other developers. It takes quite a bit of time to find HTML homework help, and the main thing is to have a desire. Students can find help on the professional services of many experienced developers who are happy to help with the difficulties of web development. As a result of passing various courses, it becomes easier when someone can free you up a little more time for life and your hobbies, the main thing is to know who to contact and make this decision on time.

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A selection of the best Courses for Web Development in 2024

Today you can get a variety of education without leaving your home, and this is one of the cool updates of the modern world. Yes, online is needed not only to order burgers at home but also to develop along with technology. Seriously, demand creates competition, which means that there are already many courses on the web development market that can provide valuable knowledge. Let’s look at some of the most popular and best Web Development courses of 2022 together.

Course from Udemy

Udemy has created an HTML course where you can learn everything you need to know about web design, website building, and more. A master’s degree in engineering and a passion for teaching. One of the best free Udemy courses that you can try on is HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals.

Coursera for Web Developers

Coursera HTML course is excellent for beginners. The company has created an HTML to HTML CSS JavaScript course for web developers. This program shows all the relevant tools and how to create modern web pages using HTML, arrange and reorder code pages, and automatically resize them accordingly.

Free tutorials from Lynda LinkedIn Learning for HTML

Perfect for those who doubt that they can understand the features of a computer language. Linda has created a free tutorial that will help newbies to web development get free access to many video content, course materials, and articles on the topic. And if you need more educational information and help with language learning, you can buy a subscription. So you can learn and get practical skills in HTML for free and, in which case, buy a more extensive course to study further.

Responsive website development from the University of London

The University of London has created an online course on creating responsive websites, which can be considered unique because this is the first course of this format. Teachers of the Faculty of Computing teach the system, and they are very experienced and professional. This course provides an opportunity to learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS support. Students are encouraged to learn about layout management, web page creation, and styling to ensure web page interactivity. Not only must knowledge be given in this course, but skills are also added through CSS libraries using Bootstrap so that students can create more exciting layouts in HTML.

Course from Udemy “From Zero to Mastery”

Udemy has created another additional course for intermediate and expert students. This course is taught by Andrey Negoye, who is well known for his experience teaching code and his free, easy attitude towards each student. He is one of the most experienced software developers working in Silicon Valley and Toronto. Zero to Mastery is a 26-hour course, and the student in the program must devote 3 hours to learning each day. This course will help you fill in the problems in your head and get a holistic picture of web development.

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