Habits of a Professional Writer

Ever wondered how JK Rowling was consistent in writing 8 books in the Harry Potter series? Or how do the most influential authors of all time managed to gain such popularity and success while some remain unknown?

Well, there are certain habits that these writers have instilled in themselves to get better at their craft which sets them apart from the rest.

So whether you are a newbie or dream of making it big as an author, these are a few habits that you should take note of for being successful as a professional writer;

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#1. Keep a daily routine

Haruki Muraki said; “the repetition itself becomes the important thing”. Professional writers and authors usually have a scheduled time that they stick to. Some writers prefer early morning writing while some prefer writing at night.

Do not let yourself succumb to a lack of inspiration. You should never let that fire in you stop burning. You may skip a day or two but never quit. Consistency is the key if you want to become a better writer.

Start by writing every day for 15 minutes at least and later on increase it according to your capacity. Do this until you find a writing schedule that sticks. Keep a word count to evaluate your progress.

#2. Time yourself

It is great if you write a flawless article, but what if takes hours to do it? Imagine you have a deadline and you are still stuck with the opening part of your article. This does not leave a good impression on you in the professional world. Hence, a successful writer always keeps in consideration that they have to write a well-structured piece of writing but also on time.

#3. Be proactive

A good writer does not complain about how difficult it is to get published or manage time to write along with their 9-5 job or how unlucky they are. They just focus on writing and getting their work out there. Even after getting rejected 100 times, they will still try. History has seen that every successful writer has gone through their part of failures but their ‘I don’t give up’ attitude helped them in the long run.

#4. Stop procrastinating

For being a successful writer, it is very important to publish quickly and not wait for the perfect timing or the perfect book. There is no such perfect timing or perfect book that exists, what goes wrong here is your procrastination.

Yes, you can go through as many edits as you want and write them until you feel completely satisfied, but do not get stuck in the editing process. Every successful writer knows that if you want your writing to be read, you have to publish it. Therefore, stop procrastinating.

#5. Avoid distractions

It is one of the most important habits you need to adopt to be successful in any field, be it writing or any other professional area. You should know that quietness and a proper study environment are the triggers for deep thinking which eventually supports the writing process.

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