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5 Best Graphic Designing Tools – Free & Easy

You already know that a strong social media strategy includes graphic components. But what happens if you don’t have access to design software or knowledge? Non-designers with experience can generate visual material for blog posts and social media posts using free and simple graphic design tools.

Remember that easy doesn’t necessarily mean free. Don’t lose patience if you have trouble maximizing these internet resources. They work best for people with some knowledge of basic design or photography.

These free graphic design tools for beginners by a website designing institute in Delhi are made to dive in and play!


With the help of more than 600 overlays, effects, and borders, Pixlr’s free online image editor lets you make changes to your photographs. Both iOS and Android have an application for it. Instagram users and photography enthusiasts who haven’t quite advanced to utilizing pricy photo editing tools are fans of it.

This application will be most useful to you if you like to modify images before sharing them, but it’s not the best choice if you’re creating shareable artwork.


If you work with photography in any way, PicMonkey should be your go-to free internet tool. Resize, crop, and color-correct your pictures quickly. It is a strong and quick way to conduct simple photo editing and design without needing to download software, albeit it doesn’t have as many templates and free design elements as Canva. Upgrade to the premium edition of PicMonkey if you use it frequently to have access to more fonts and tools.


Infographics are effective and easy to distribute. Infographic search traffic surged by more than 800% in just over two years. Although infographics are effective, not everyone possesses the creative skills necessary to produce them.

Piktochart enables non-designers to produce straightforward infographics without the need for robust design tools like InDesign. To convey your message, pick from 400 layouts, icons, and visuals.

Piktochart is a good place to start studying if you want to understand what goes into the construction of an infographic, even though nothing can match a designer’s expertise when it comes to producing an engaging infographic.

Remember that they are only templates, and that templates have restrictions.


In contrast to Canva, DesignWizard offers all of its capabilities in the free edition. You can quickly make digital products like social media posts and YouTube channel graphics as well as printed items like gift certificates and advertising posters using the more than 10,000 free templates available online.

Over 1.2 million photos, movies, illustrations, and graphics are available for use in the DesignWizard library. Additionally, you may add fonts, images, and logos, make your own color schemes, and adjust designs to ensure that each finished product is distinctively yours.

The finest free graphic design software for novices is DesignWizard. The application has a sizable picture collection, a ton of free templates (over 10,000), and an intuitive user interface. The best free graphic design tool for beginners is DesignWizard, though you can also make bespoke templates rapidly.

Despite an intuitive user interface and no up-front expenses, it’s important to note that DesignWizard’s majority of the most potent features are only accessible in its for-pay edition.


Canva is an effective, no-cost graphic design tool that is ideal for creating social media design components. The templates from Canva remove the uncertainty about the ideal sizes for various social media platforms. Canva is excellent for quick graphic design tasks that add some creativity to your social media posts.

The options are constrained if you’re producing a lot of graphics or require them to be substantially personalized, as with any free programs.

As per a social media marketing company in Delhi, it’s a great tool for producing graphics for Pinterest or Facebook that will promote your blog’s content.

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