Types of Logos: Descriptions And Examples of Logos

When you start your own company or business, you first need to make sure you have a logo that is interesting, attractive, and memorable enough.​

A logo is a unique graphic sign, symbol, or emblem, used to enhance brand recognition and is a key element in the corporate identity of a company, organization, product, or sports team. It is with it that potential customers are most likely to remember you and contact you.

Why do I need a logo?

Answering the question, we can say unambiguously that it is connected with the fact that a business logo is a multifaceted tool for attracting customers and PR of its own products. It will become the company’s business identity, because people remember your business when they see the logo in advertisements, in the store, on goods, and in other places. And with that said, there are many more reasons why a small business needs a good logo:

  • Increased sales through general recognition;
  • Expanding your customer list through recognition;
  • Attracting new customers through an interesting logo that makes potential customers pay attention to your products;
  • And much more.

However, to achieve this, you will have to choose the perfect type of logo, for which purpose Adobe has introduced their best logo maker tool to help with creating a brand. Let’s talk about them below.

Types of logos


IBM Logo

Abbreviated logos or otherwise known as monograms are the first type of logos. You probably remember the logos of companies like CNN, IBM, HP, or HBO. These popular business logos are the best examples of abbreviated logos. They are implemented in the form of initials of organizations’ names, and their main purpose is to shorten long company names into shorter ones (using only 2-3 key abbreviated letters). They are created to give a brand identity.

​This type of logo is usually the brightest example of a simple design because here the main element of the emblem is just the initials of the company. This means that if the name of your organization is too long, then this kind of logo with a monogram will be your most priority when it comes to choosing the style of your future brand name. Consider the example of NASA: the full name of the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” is extremely difficult to remember and the name is unlikely to stick in your head, but NASA is much easier to remember, so this abbreviation will be attractive and interesting.


Google Logo

Also very popular are text logos without abbreviations. These logos are similar to letter marks, but their design is based solely on the full name of the company – logos based on fonts. A great example of such signs is Visa or Coca-Cola.

A designer with sufficient experience in creating logos will advise using such “lettering” logos in organizations with “screaming” or memorable unique names. A classic example of such a logo variant is the company Google. When a developer uses a strong typography to create text logos, it helps the company create a strong corporate identity and distinctive brand. Also, the designer often faces a problem: to create an emblem of the abbreviated type or still give preference to the text variant. And this is explained by the fact that such variations perfectly reveal themselves in business companies.

Mastery brand designer is to carefully select the font when creating such a logo, as in the process of implementing its work is the emphasis on the unique name. Many developers give preference to creating a custom font specifically for one brand name and never using it for another. This helps to reflect the essence of the business and gives exclusivity, so most hype labels have this type of logo. In addition, such logos have elegant fonts that reflect the high quality of the services or products offered by the company.

Symbolic logo (graphic)

starbucks logo

Symbolic logos, graphic signs, or simply symbols are very common types among businesses of any kind and direction. A striking representative of such logos is the Apple brand or bird logo of the social network Twitter. Since these brands are well-recognized today and are generally recognized, their logos have a significant status among the types of trademarks.

However, a symbolic or graphic logo is not recommended for new companies, as they do not yet have that high recognition, and such a look may not help your business as brightly. Without a combination of the text option and creating a combo type at a later date, it will be difficult for users to understand from just one picture who you are and what kind of product you offer. However, choosing a very attractive and memorable symbolic logo can help your cause.


spotify logo

An abstract logo is a special kind of graphic emblem, which uses an abstract image as its basis. As a rule, in such projects, the following idea is implemented: the image is not the actual objects as an image, but their abstract components like shadows, silhouettes, typography, and so on. For example, a split circle brand Pepsi, the logo Adidasflower and other options are great examples.

One of the main positive qualities of such branding is that you can not directly reflect the main direction of your company, but convey it symbolically, through abstractions and images. For example, the company Nike such abstraction demonstrates movement and freedom, and the logo is very popular and intriguing.

Combination logo


The combined variant logo is an emblem that combines several other logo variations: text + abbreviation, graphic + abbreviation, text + graphic, and other variations. Such logos use several equal styles to create one coherent emblem, representing an attractive image from several components. In most uses of this technique, customers can often notice a combination of text + pictures, striking examples of this branding are the following brands: BurgerKing, Lacoste, Adidas, and others.


As you can see, not only the logo itself plays a key role in creating the image of your company, but also how well you picked up the look of this emblem. Only a perfectly chosen look, colors, or text can increase your chances of success and make your company (brand) as recognizable as possible.

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