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Top 100+ US Websites For Tech Guest Posts

People think guest blogging is just building backlinks and it is not the sole reason behind it. It’s a way you can effectively reach out to a new audience, build great relationships, and broaden your online community with other particular marketers.

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So, here we gathered 100+ websites for Tech Guest Posts.

1. Forbes

Forbes magazine is an American business magazine founded by B.C Forbes and his partner Walter Drey in 1917. It is published twice a week and has original articles on technology, finance, investing, science, and marketing. Being popular for its lists and ranking comprising the world’s top-rated companies, richest people, etc, it also manages a website that permits visitors to publish their blog posts along with general editorial content.

2. The Verge

The Verge embraces science and technology, culture, and art. It provides in-depth reporting and long stories, information of a product, technical and news content. The website was created in 2011 by Joshua Topolsky and Tyler Bleszinski. They operated The Verge from Washington, District of Columbia. It is a section of the Vox Media team and is powered by its Chorus platform.

3. Codersera Recommended Website

Codersera is your one-stop solution for app development and coding services. They have a hefty and super talented team of coders who never misses out on an opportunity to give the best results. It deeply keeps an eye on its client’s business to offer the best services. The dedicated team of Codersera uses the client’s idea and applies their overall experience to fulfill the goals. They also care for your financial constraints and meet the deadlines on time.

4. Mashable

Mashable is famous as the voice of digital culture and is a leading media organization at present. It is doing a splendid job by inspiring and empowering all readers across the globe. Besides, it focuses on digital and technical content and is termed as the most influential online community across the globe. It came in 2015 and has headquarters in New York City with offices in London, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.

5. Technews

Technews is popular inbound based in Ibiza and offers small to medium businesses to receive more leads. It gracefully works with a selection of good quality businesses across the globe to assist them to receive their splendid products or services shown at the front of any marketplace.

6. Business Insider

Business Insider has been serving the audience since 2007 and provides the latest technology, business, and celebrity news in America. It is a platform that embraces all politics, technical, strategy, sports, etc. content. The website beautifully analyzes all news and provides in-depth data and analysis of the digital landscape. It was set up by Henry Blodget and Kevin Ryan in New York, United States.

7. Wired

Wired is a monthly American magazine that has focused specifically on how growing technologies affect culture, politics, and economy. It was set up by Conde Nast and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Wired is popular for publishing in print and online magazine editions.

8. The Next Web

The Next Web (TNW) is a media company mainly focused on tech stuff and has launched many initiatives on business, culture, and tech news. It has brands comprising TNW Events, TNW Blog, TNW Academy, and TNW Deals. Besides, it has a broad global presence via content syndication along with events bringing technology together.

Its online publication has several editions in Latin America, Europe, and North America. TNW has around more than 7.2 million monthly visits and 9.5 million page views in a month. Furthermore, it organizes events like Tech conferences that help the international tech community to meet, do business together, and grasp knowledge over short trends in mobile and web.

9. Gigaom

Gigaom has established its foot in the media industry and provides news and opinions on technologies, startups, and other tech topics. It gives deep insight into disruptive companies, trends, and people. Gigaom has around 6.5 readers a month who are taking this blog-related media company at another level. It helps to better know the major tech disruptions and the fresh business opportunities set by Gigaom.

Its dedicated team of 200 independent analysts offers fresh content that bridges a good gap between long blogs and breaking news. The company’s every event has a deep focus with robust editorial content and face time tech disruptors to provide attendees the tools they demand to capitalize on the latest trends.

10. Geek Estate Blog

Geek Estate is one of the titans of the real estate industry and deals in technology and digital marketing. It was set up in 2008 and offers insight, analysis, how-to’s, news, and more. Currently, it a hefty community of dedicated members working hard to establish their presence in the industry. It is a part of Geek Estate Labs LLC and operates in creating great products, and assisting several companies to succeed.

They specialize in technological business covering travel, real estate, and community. Geek Estate always looks forward to solving the problems of people at first and they are indeed good communicators. They can assist you with product validation and design, product management and development, product animation and interaction, and more.

11. OutBrain

Outbrain is a top-notch recommendation advertising platform for the open web and represents links to the sites’ pages along with sponsored content, making revenue from the latter. Its splendid technology helps one-third of online customers across the world to find new things via recommendation feeds on their desired media. They connect some advertisers to these audiences to flourish their business.

12. InstantShift

InstantShift is the primary inspiration and design community for online developers and designers. It offers daily resources and good quality web design and development. If you wish to work for them, then they are free to accept your well-written articles related to a design and tech topic.

13. Hellbound Bloggers

Hellbound Bloggers is a well-known Internet Web Magazine embracing topics like Technology, WordPress, Social Media, and Blogging. It was set in 2009 and is the fastest-growing Tech blog and web community currently. HBB is powered by several posts that profound bloggers and techies contribute from across the globe.

It is a part of Slashsquare Media Private Limited and specifically focuses more on topics such as product reviews, blogging tips, security tips, tutorials, and technology news. On average, Hellbound Bloggers receive more than 1 million page views monthly and have been greatly quoted on several famous blogs.

14. SNK Creations

SNK Creation is a top-notch developing and IT solutions organization that provides social media marketing, SEO, web design, blogger, online marketing, banner design, Facebook and Instagram marketing, and business listings. They provide highly professional and specialist services of Digital marketing worldwide.

15. Tlists

Tlists is a leading real-time media company and offers real-time “channels” – live streams of important messages from recognized sources on a specific topic. It has a mission to enhance the overall consumer experience on the real-time web. These topics comprise cities and countries, technology, health, sports, entertainment, business, and political issues, and passions.

It crawls around more than half a million Twitter lists to recognize the most trusted sources on Twitter. API of the TLISTS helps to filter out the off-topic tweets to offer users the perfect real-time content. It has partners like Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Discovery AOL, Mashable, Lucky Magazine, etc. Besides, it gives a public API in use by topmost Twitter clients like twwetTV, UberTwitter, TweetDeck, SocialScope.

16. Buzz2fone

Buzz2fone is a mobile technology blog that provides information on several topics related to the mobile industry. You can find the latest news related to iOS and Android on their blogging platform. There are known for serving the best mobile tips. In case you need any latest news on application and mobile releases, Buzz2fone is right there for you. They also offer a platform for guest blogging to help others grow as well.

17. My Venture Pad

My Venture Pad is a blog completely dedicated to offering the news regarding the latest technology, entrepreneurship, branding, and business. They have more than 100 Guest blogs on their website and have tie-ups with many websites. Apart from serving the business, tech, and branding community, they have targeted the investing category too. Moreover, they have also focused on motivational tips and some how-to sections to guide the audience as well.

18. JCount

Nowadays, people muddle up between a variety of thoughts regarding commencing a new business or what technology is in trend nowadays and which one should you go for. So, to assist you to overcome this situation, JCount has launched this amazing blog where they have chosen startups, tech tips, marketing, and how to make money. They have 100+ Guest blog posts on their website and have good tie-ups with the companies.

19. Tech Walls

Techwalls is a well-established technology blogging platform where it discusses and shares content related to fresh innovation. They have a good worldwide reach with contributors from all over the globe that share breaking news on the latest tech news in the industry.

It delivers prominent news and updates their content daily with breaking news, gadget reviews, and guides. They also offer guest blogging on their platform.

20. MYVU

MYVU is a next-gen tech media company entirely focused on offering their audience will every latest information they are searching for. They have a goal to assist users in Learn, Grow, and Make Money. They have noticed the interest of people in building a business online and make money from it. It offers to help you in getting near to that goal and enjoy the quality content on the website.

They offer information related to new software, marketing, branding, business, and blogging. Moreover, they choose to help the audience by giving some tips on several topics and they accept all opinions and views with due love. Guest blogging is available on their platform and they have a good experience working with other companies.

  1. 60fps

60fps is a latest technology and gaming platform that embraces a broad range of technology news. It helps you get the best technical and gaming content to their audience. Besides, it offers How-to tutorials. Latest device reviews, and gaming walkthroughs. Their dedicated team instantly answers your emails.

  1. Locationary

Locationary is a business and tech blog where it offers information related to business, tech, marketing, digital, etc. You will find blogs on tips and how-to’s on this blogging platform. Along with this, it offers guest blogging and has good tie-ups with a variety of companies.

  1. Techatlast

TechAtlast, also known as TechAtLastHQ is a popular tech blog set up to serve the audience of all tribes and cultures across the globe. This blog offers a daily base guide on in-depth technology advancement reports, discoveries, and reviews, and how to live a successful life. Additionally, it focuses on business setups near Africa and other continents of the world. It embraces every angle of technology and tells about education, and business as well.

  1. Techsling

Techsling is a blog that is a top-notch online source of digital information, news, and resources. It shows compelling stories and updates in technology, education, business, social, entertainment, lifestyle, world events, and reviews. They welcome any comments, feedback from guest authors. You need to just fill a registration form to submit a story on their page that will help you in backlinking.

  1. Techpatio

Techpatio is a tech blog set up in 2009 by Klaus. It is a great combination of Technology like computers, tech gadgets, the internet, etc. and Patio is where the owner finds relaxation in a piece of tech. It keeps track of the latest technology breakthroughs and represents to you what’s fresh, what really matters, and how the technology can enhance your life. Furthermore, it has featured several guest blogs on its blogging platform.

  1. iTechcode

iTechcode is an online blogging platform started by Amit Shaw. It is related to technology, gadgets, SEO, Programming, Software reviews, etc. Guest blogging is available on their platform and you have to just register using the link available on their website. You will get a know-how of various tips and tricks on technology, SEO, social media, etc.

  1. 99TechPost

99techpost is a splendid digital marketing and technology platform that offers the latest know-how of gadgets, technology, digital marketing, software, and applications. It was commenced in 2017 and helps various beginner SEO experts and bloggers by providing them the fresh digital marketing information. It always welcomes Guest post authors and is flourishing currently keeping the quality of information about the latest technology, SEO, mobile application, and  web design.

  1. Blognote

Blognotes provides information regarding web design, technology, SEO, development, news, health, travel, and fashion. Besides, they always welcome unique guest blogs, and guest blogging is considered a great SEO strategy that everyone is using nowadays. Blog notes are for those who wish to read useful and creative content as well as organizations searching for users. They keep users on prime priority and publish everything they see useful. 

  1. MyTechTalky

MyTechTalky is a well-known award-winning blogging platform that teaches everyone how to be their boss with blogging. They embrace WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. It was set by Sunny Bundel who is considered an emerging blogger in India. MyTechTalky came 2 years ago and is seen as one of the successful blogs in India in the digital marketing and blogging domain. They also create entrepreneurial ideas that can truly change the way we deal, ideas that can change the way we perceive, and which can uniquely solve our regular points.

  1. Tenoblog

TenoBlog is a multi-category blogging platform and is one of the well-known worldwide publications in the web community in general. They dive in for the trendy and recent information to share with their audience on several themes like technology, business, health, marketing, travel, and lifestyle. Small startups and businesses are looking for good exposure that can take advantage of their advertising alternatives.

  1. TurtleVerse

TurtleVerse is a platform where you can read any latest news and information regarding SEO, Web hosting, Technology, Health, Home Improvement, Software, Travel, Automation, Food, Finance, Fashion, and Business. They also offer guest blogging on their website and have great tie-ups with well-established companies. You just need to submit your idea about the news that you wish to publish on their platform.


GuestBlogging.Pro is a blogging platform in a variety of niches and accepts Guest Blogs on their website for every category, They mainly deal in social media, health, lifestyle, news, tech, and entertainment-related information.

  1. SportsNetworker

SportsNetworker is currently the no. 1 resource you will find online for Sports Business Professionals searching for trendy information on how to take their career in sports to heights. They embrace topics like Sports sponsorship, Sports Technology, Sports Sales, Sports Business, Sports Events, Sports Social Media, and How to get a job in Sports.

  1. Hupots

Hupots assist in delivering the latest and trendy news about the world, the latest applications, travel tips, technology, new product launch, health tips, etc. They have a specific purpose for this platform for publication to basically keep everyone knows about all the latest news of the world about the Technology field.

  1. Webnshare

Webnshare is a popular blogging platform that began with a vision to impart knowledge on Technology, Social Media, Content Writing, and SEO. This will help you to improve your entire technical writing skills and to turn a good blogger. They publish every post with in-depth research and it is totally based on their self-experience. It was set up by Sarang David and his expertise embraces topics like Technical writing, SEO, etc. It’s a good place for posting informative and unique content and guest blogs. Besides, they show the most up-to-date information on Tips, Tricks, Software Reviews, Tech News, Health, Business, Technology, and Fashion.

  1. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a Melbourne-based website and a community of web developers who share their passion for building splendid web experiences. It was started in 1999 by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle and by web professionals like designers, developers, product makers, programmers, and entrepreneurs. It also offers guest blogging for websites willing to tie up with them.

  1. Venturebeat

VentureBeat was started in the year 2006 and is known as the main source of disruptive technology events and news. It offers rich context to help business leaders in making an informed decision and is on top of breaking news at present. It has excelled in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. VentureBeat is frequently regarded as the prime media authority on the web. It embraces the most in-depth video-gaming business coverage.

  1. Readwrite

ReadWrite is a platform that totals professional communities fully dedicated to particular subjects of interest like smart homes, connected cars, APIs, FinTech, and AR/VR. They are currently making the forthcoming generation of tech media companies completely focused on giving relevant information that favors the productivity of readers instead of time spent on website and page views. Furthermore, it offers people to be Guest authors at their website.

  1. Colocation america

Colocation America is a dedicated hosting services and colocation services brand. It has set up itself as one of the most dependable colocation hosting companies in the United States. Colocation America is based in Los Angeles and was made from scratch up by experienced and passionate engineers to offer a complete, integrated and reliable colocation hosting service.

  1. Future With Tech

FutureWithTech is a fabulous technology website completely dedicated to offering people significant information about the latest technology. Besides, this technology website was set up to help tech enthusiasts in getting all of the most latest technology-related news all over the globe. They provide information in different niches like technology, web design, tablet, mobile, software, and WordPress. Resulting, all of the vital information shown to their audience in these niches is accurate, unique, and latest.

  1. Digifeast

DigiFeast is a blogging platform that came in January 2019. It began to share fresh ideas related to technology, like information about the digital world, tech news, etc. Their mission is to provide better and unique information in simple English so that the audience can catch it swiftly. They also offer people to be Guest authors at their blogging platform.

  1. Techlila

TechLila is a popular technology blogging platform where you get any resourceful article for acing your basics and beyond. Here, they have a mission to offer creative information, like quality tips and tricks, how-to guides on Macintosh, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android, Security, and some other sub-topics like reviews as well.

  1. Tech Today Info

TechTodayInfo is a well-known technology news platform and does in-depth research of topics related to technology to offer unbiased buying advice at their platform. Their mission is to convert their own passion for technology into useful buying guides and other resources for your readers. They also want to motivate people by finding and reporting on the most prominent innovations.

  1. Highdefgeek

HighDefGeek is a home for business and technology news. They love to blog about the latest know-how in this field from around the globe. Besides, there are a small number of geeks who love finding and reviewing the current and trendy gadgets and then sharing their opinions on them with the audience. They also keep an eye on the stocks and shares and provides a piece of advice on the next hefty thing.

  1. Techrado

Techrado is the popular tech news and trends blogging website across the globe and embraces topics like WordPress, Apple, Gadget, Technology, SEO, Android news, etc. They also feature Guest blogs in the niche of Digital Marketing, Technology, Business, etc. It is your go-to option if facing issues where to get the latest updates on technology from.

  1. Vogatech

VogaTech is a trustable online blogging platform that delivers reviews, information, and guides in various forms. It was formed to assist you in easily receive news and the latest information related to mobile and gadgets, gaming, autos, pc and software, internet and apps, travel, consumer electronics, etc. It is an Australian-based web media corporation and also offers Guest Blogging on their websites as personal authors.

  1. Techmod

Techmod is a well-known and premium quality tech blogging platform and fully focuses on embracing gadgets, digital marketing, tech news, tutorials, and SEO. Their vision is to offer its users the latest and the best information available on the internet in the tech industry. Furthermore, it provides people the opportunity to be authors on their website.

  1. Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets is a blogging platform related to Technology and Online Marketing set up by Praveen Kumar and operated by Solitario Group. They highly focus on online marketing solutions for small startups and business and their reviews, How-to guides. It provides you little updates on social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Algorithm, Search engine, Mobile Application development, and more.

  1. The Encrypt

The Encrypt is a fresh aspiring go-to blogging platform for the latest technology-related trends and news. Their mission is to embrace the world of technology and they have a plethora of articles available on technology on their website. Their articles are a significant source of knowledge to grasp more about new technology, news, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cloud computing, machine learning, ethical hacking, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Information security.

  1. Fast Company

Fast Company is the world’s popular business media brand that highly focuses on the innovation of technology, world-changing ideas, leadership, creativity, and design in its editorial content. It is a great magazine specifically written for and about the most forward-thinking business leaders. It inspires its audience to think hefty, lead with purpose, covers change, and build the future of business.

  1. Entrepreneurship Life

Entrepreneurship Life is a place that is a resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups searching for information, advice, tools, and resources to assist them set, run, and build their companies. Their mission is to teach everyone about entrepreneurship, leadership and management, business finance, and emerging technology.

  1. Webdesignerdepot

Webdesignerdepot is a top-notch community for web developers and designers nowadays. They enjoy delivering high-quality content to their desired audience on cutting-edge design themes. The most beautiful thing about Webdesignerdepot is its reader community. Its tips, tricks, knowledge, techniques, and praise are shared each. Resulting, their network is lively, welcoming, and resourceful.

  1. Inspiration feed

Inspiration feed is a good resource for unique businesses and freelancers who are interested in broadening their horizons and honing their extraordinary talents. It is a design magazine for creative business owners that began in the year 2010. Inspiration feed is a place for those who are always ready to learn. Here, you will get the latest and trending tech-based articles. Financial worth, quotes, entrepreneurship, technology, business, self-development, design, and creativity, all are embraced perfectly. They live on their slogan of Quality above Quantity and create informative pieces often to inspire, educate, and improve your life.

  1. Tech Planet

TechPlanet is a blogging platform where they publish articles on technology, software, hardware, programming, and anything related to Tech. They accept collaboration-related queries for guest blogging and you can be an author on their webpage. Furthermore, they offer you a broad and quality audience base.

  1. Making Different

Making Different is a multi-niche blog that makes difference by telling you every detail about online and offline topics. You will see a variety of content on their website for tips and tricks and how-tos. They also share information regarding tech, health, SEO, marketing, and anything creative and different in the technology industry. They provide a platform to be guest blog authors on their website.

  1. Viral Blog

Viral Blog is a global marketing magazine set up in 2007. It showcases everything related to marketing and social media along with viral videos to some disruptive inventions that modify the market rules and embraces all of them. It has around 8,00,000 readers per year and is now turning into an indispensable tool for the worldwide marketing community.

  1. Blog Planet

Blog Planet was started by Jagvir where he educates about several niches such as technology, marketing, blogging, business, fashion, health, entertainment, real-estate, etc. This website offers you to be guest authors and write innovative and easy-to-read blogs.

  1. Spyder Outletinc

Spyder Outletinc is a well-established global business blogging platform. It is an advanced-level media company and has a B2B web objective. They allow guest blogging on their platform but it should be only related to business and technology and have more than 500 words. Furthermore, they have their own set of guidelines like they only permit sponsored posts and you have to stick to their guidelines.

  1. The Newsify

Newsify is your one-stop solution for blogs related to any niche and helps you well with WordPress. It offers tutorials, plugin guides, theme roundups, and basic news regarding WordPress. Their dedicated and passionate team helps you know about the WordPress professionals and enthusiasts about the industry. You can easily read any news on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Web browser with a great newspaper like the layout.

  1. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is a top-notch go-to site for everything related to design, tech, etc. They share articles that are fresh and seem inspirational. Besides, they post 8 posts every week and often share tips and tricks, tutorials, techniques, suggestions, and a plethora of freebies that bloggers, entrepreneurs, web designers, and web developers would love. They enjoy cool tools, gift ideas, robust plugins, geeky gadgets, mobile, and desktop applications. Nowadays, they have turned their heads towards e-Commerce and forthcoming technological concepts, social media, startups, etc.

  1. Manning

Manning is well-known for producing the best quality tech content. They publish books and live videos and live projects are available on their cutting-edge platform. Besides, they look always interested in new content writers with good experience. They offer guest blogging on their website and love to hear any challenges that people face.

  1. Techie Event

Varied technologies have been launched in the market every single minute and it is vital to understand the new gadgets, technologies, and electronic products to buy the best product for yourself. Here, you need to get a source that can deliver every type of information faster on which you can easily trust. Techie Event serves you the most reliable and famous technology mainly designed to lure a targeted audience and the decision-makers who are searching for the latest tech industry update.

  1. Tech Update

Tech Update is a top-ranked knowledge bank for any Tech-savvy over the web. One can simply get various curious topics to read and collect knowledge. Here, there is information available on several topics like smartphones, gadgets, computers, robotics, how-to projects, smart cars, etc. Some tricks and tips are also available to impress your close ones and the main focus is entirely on, technology, marketing, and social media. Besides, there is a plethora of latest updates and expert opinions on some gadgets and devices like computers and androids. It does not matter which device it is, Tech Update will provide you with every knowledge if it’s a matter of Tech.

  1. Techrecur

Tech Recur is currently the top-most article publishing website dealing in web designing, digital marketing, guest blogging, SEO, telecom, business, media, and technology industry. They also offer people to be guest authors on their website and publish reviews, news, press releases, interviews, etc. They have been in this field for over 10 years and have built a space to meet the daily needs of senior executives. It also delivers advice on market analysis and service opportunities in TMT industry worldwide.

  1. The Latest Tech News

The Latest Tech News is a well-formed platform where you will get every information regarding smartphones, technical news, computer technology, digital marketing, etc. There is a tab named Author Posts where you will find guest blogs well-written by great writers. Overall, it is a splendid platform to club your knowledge from and help you in better ways.

  1. Tech Mistake

Tech Mistake is surely that platform from where you will get all your information regarding data science, tech privacy, and security, software, social media, mobiles, etc. It helps you to better understand the basics and upgrade to a new level. You can approach this website to brush up on your knowledge. They also consider requests for guest blogging. So, go and submit your queries and be an author there.

  1. Tech Truth

Tech Truth is a blogging platform that educated you about the latest applications trending in the market, knowledge about the gadgets, and new technology that has been launched. It also has a tab of write for us where you can put your queries and requests for becoming an author to their website and be an asset to them.

  1. The Blogging Hub

Blogging Hub serves as a multi-niche blogging field where one can get information related to geopolitics of the world, digital marketing, technology, lifestyle, sports, business, and fashion. They offer people to be recognized authors on their website and write creative and informative content. You can apply on their write for us page if you want to work for them as an author.

  1. We Tech Freeks

WeTechFreeks is a top-notch tech news-sharing blogging platform. It offers you a bunch of expert Tech brains and shares the latest news, blogs, tech updates, and tech gadget-related news. Don’t miss a chance to be an author on their website and show your skills in various niches that you can write well.

  1. Guest Article House

Guest Article House is the destination for your guest post service online. By being a guest author here, you can easily get backlinks that will boost your growth and ranking. You just need to send content on their write for us page.

  1. Tech crunch

TechCrunch is a well-known American online newspaper that mainly focuses on high-tech and startup companies. It was started in June 2005 by partners of Archimedes Ventures, Keith Teare, and Michael Arrington, and was bought in 2010 by AOL for $25 million. It focuses more on tech-related, gadgets, digital marketing, and startups. If you are more interested in knowing more about SaaS products, then Tech Crunch is the place for you.

  1. Callingallgeeks

CallingAllGeeks is a premier technology blogging platform for gadgets, iPhone, tech updates, and all twitter lovers. It was commenced in 2008 and since then CallAllGeeks have been embracing the trendy news across the web.They also offer you to be a guest author on their website.

  1. Freetech4teachers

Freetech4teachers shares knowledge about free resources that teachers can utilize in their classrooms. This platform was awarded with the Edublogs Award in 2008 for “Best Resource Sharing Blog.” In 2010, it was awarded the Edublogs award for “Best Individual Blog” and “Best EdTech Support”. Besides, in 2011, it gained the Edublogs award for Best Ed Tech Blog and same in the year 2012. This platform is used by a broad audience of more than 5,00,000 educators from the world. They also allow guest blogging at their website.

  1. Rightnowintech

Rightnowintech is a platform that gathers all popular information regarding technology and shares with you in a crisp and innovative form. Its your one-stop solution for latest tech know-how’s and trendy news related to business. Besides, it offers guest blogging services for you to be superb authors on their page.

  1. Thewebsqueeze

If you are more interested in web development and designing, then it can not be a boring task for you to search about it. Why it isn’t like that you will get everything squeezed up in one place only? At TheWebSqueeze, they are ready to serve you all in a single hot location. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned designer, you have landed up at the correct place. Here, you will get your articles lined up categorically as per your interest with every tutorial that you need. This is indeed a friendly community and you will get good inputs from here with super juicy details.

  1. TechDirt

TechDirt is a blog commenced in 1997 by Floor64 founder Mike Masnick. It is dependent on a trusted and proven economic structure to interpret and analyze everything. Besides, it provides an insight into fresh stories about alterations in government policy, legal and technological issues that affect organizations from growing further. As an effect of technological advancement, consumer rights and civil liberties have flourished well.

They have a dedicated, interactive, and dynamic community of readers who often comment on their site’s content quality. Furthermore, they have 1 million site visitors monthly and more than 1.8 million comments on 75,000+ posts. This platform is also been awarded by Forbes and Business Week as Best of the Web thought leader awards.

  1. TechStalk

TechStalk is known as the top-notch source for domains with a mission to integrate brandable titles, prominent service, competitive prices to make the best out of your domain registration. It however holds the world’s heftiest private portfolio of domain names, they provide you over 4 million domains to opt from and extend new domains to our portfolio daily. They are serving the audience since 2005 and in that period have assisted thousands of customers get their best domain name.

  1. Technically Easy

TechnicallyEasy was started by Paul Salmon, but he faced many issues at the beginning regarding which niche to work on. Once he was fixing a computer and thought to start a technical blog where he could share every knowledge that he has. He created TechnicallyEasy on Blogger in 2007 and traffic gradually take a high in recent years. His thought behind started this blog was to solve issues that are technical in nature. He now explains everything stepwise and solves everyone’s problem. Furthermore, he works on Windows, digital cameras, blogger, and networking.

  1. Slashdot

Slashdot is a website started in 1997 by Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda. Currently, it is acquired by Slashdot Media. It is basically run by a team of coders and editors, with the help of other people. The editors are Manish (“manishs”) Singh, Beau (“BeauHD”) Hmailton, Dvaid (“EditorDavid”), and Logan (“whipslash”) Abbott. Besides, it is an URL that looks confusing to read for the audience.

  1. Pragprog

The Pragprog also known as The Pragmatic Bookshelf publishing place which is completely owned by The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC. It was founded by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt with an easy purpose to enhance the lives of developers. They make practical books, audiobooks, and videos on cutting-edge topics to assist you to learn and practice your career. They are a tiny group of professionals with good experience that helps make corporate software development a simple task.

  1. Iamwire

Iamwire commenced as a market and media research company for e-commerce and startup in 2011. It broadened its scope as an incubator website for professionals, entrepreneurs, and researchers. They have been working since 2020 and have shifted their focus towards management and financial services for portfolio, asset management, exit management in growing technology sectors.

  1. Techibhai

TechiBhai is a tech blog that came in April 2016 by Saurabh Tiwari with a dream to give a tutorial on every possible guide related to tips and tricks, tech news, blogging for readers, and newbies. The basic goal of TechiBhai is to offer the audience tech updates and online marketing tips. They have shaped their topics well in the field of Technology, How-to’s, Smartphone Reviews, Tech Updates, Blogging, SEO, and social media, tips, and tricks on the web.

  1. AllTechBuzz

AllTechBuzz is a well-known website that is a collection of all the software comparisons, most common fixes, software feature guides, and many more. It delivers more engaging content and aims to offer tips, well-researched news, tutorials about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Technology, and How-to’s. They also provide guest blogging for writers who ensure to deliver well-researched and unique content.

  1. SoftwareWorld

SoftwareWorld is a top-notch software rating and review website that promises to find the right software for your business. You will get various types of software to enhance your business revenue and productivity. It also provides an opportunity for you to be guest authors on their website.

  1. Creately

Creately is a SaaS visual collaboration tool with design and diagramming capabilities made by Cinergix. It has two main versions such as an online cloud edition and an easily downloadable offline edition for the computer which is purely compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  1. ProProfs

ProProfs feel that software is the only thing that could make you happy. It is an international company with offices in California, Santa Monica, and Delhi-NCR, India, offering us a worldwide broad team that is both creative and service-oriented. They provide a unique view on every issue and are available for you at any time of the day. Besides, they serve the best to their millions of users each month with superb products.

  1. Mobisoft InfoTech

MobiSoft Infotech is an ISO 27001:2013 certified worldwide digital product creation company. They have partnered with several businesses of all sizes to develop, enhance, and scale products over platforms leveraging disruptive technologies and integrating design, innovation, and engineering to make our variety of clients successful.

  1. Big Data Made Simple

Big Data Made Simple (BDMS) is a top-notch tech portal in Data analytics, Big data, BI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science landscape. It was powered by Singapore-based big data startup Crayon Data. Crayon Data came in 2013 with a view to develop a global community and to make a one-stop comprehensive knowledge resource. It builds content for around 20 verticals and technologies in the big data area.

  1. Login Radius

LoginRadius helps several businesses to provide a great customer experience and get customers’ trust. Using this fabulous platform, companies can now provide a streamlined login process while guarding customer accounts and complying with data privacy regulations.

  1. Chanty

Chanty is similar to Slack and a cloud-based collaboration platform. It mainly integrated project management, communication, and automation to assist teams to work together in a better way. This tool enables you to chat with your team member, talk with people on a video call or audio call. Besides, there is a share screen option, and messages can be seen instantly. You can also combine messages with different apps like Trello, Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, Jira, Zapier, Asana, and many others. They also write technical blogs and accept guest posts from people.

  1. Complete Connection

Complete connection is a well-known technology guest blogging platform and deals with the trendy and latest news and stories from various fields of digital marketing, technology, android/IOS, online marketing, and a lot more. They also provide an opportunity for guest bloggers to write for them related to business and technology. Their main purpose is to show the broad tech-savvy population that wants a regular feed of blogs and other data related to technology.

  1. Neptune Blog is a MetaData store for MLOps and a lightweight tool for experiment management and integration in Data Science projects. It is a great organized place for all your creative thoughts, data exploration Notebooks, and more. Besides, it came to the world by a private organization titled Neptune Labs Inc in November 2017. They also offer guest blogging at their platform.

  1. DotNetCurry

DotNetCurry was launched in 2007 by two tech-savvy Minal and Suprotim to maintain track of the current windows, web, cloud, and mobile technologies. They are focused to make not just a developer content platform, yet also one that points at offering a good understanding of technology. It reaches out to millions of enterprises and continues its efforts to keep its audience up-to-date with the latest know-how.

  1. Chetu

Chetu is a US-based software development company that expertise in offering businesses globally custom technology solutions. As a web and mobile application development company with over 2,200 skilled software developers. Besides, it combines technological expertise and particular domain experience to send enterprise-grade solutions.

  1. CallHippo

CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service provider and permits various startups and businesses to purchase instant local support numbers from around 50+ countries across the globe. They have a great user interface and a strong backend architecture any business can fix their call center within less than 3 minutes. Besides, it has cloud computing into the world of telephony and the platform permits the deployment of a flexible telephony network.

  1. CuteHR

CuteHR is a cloud-based solution mainly build for small and medium scale businesses. They have also mentioned a page for blogs where they write content based on technologies. You can also be a guest author on their platform. See CallHippo alternatives.

  1. Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration was founded in 2004 by Amit Agarwal and is now one of the most widely read how-to websites on the Internet around personal technology. Our technology website, available at, regularly provides how-to guides, video screencasts, and tutorials on new computer software and consumer electronic products.

  1. Tech Wyse

TechWyse is a blogging platform that specializes in Internet marketing, technology, and is Google Analytics certified. It is operating in Toronto with a complete focus on web development, SEO, and paid advertising. It also gives you a chance to be guest authors on their platform.

  1. Technopedia

Technopedia is a platform where they deal in technology and share the latest news stories. Their mission is clear to the resource for their audience for thoughtful content to tell everyone about the technologies affecting the marketplace.

  1. Changa Blog

Changa is a short video platform where you can get the latest news about short video platforms and social media. Changa regularly posts about the latest video gadgets and equipment that can help creators make amazing videos. You can check out their blog for posting your article.

So, these were the top 100+ tech guest posts websites that you should know about. If you have started the game properly, then Guest Blogging can be beneficial to you. We know that it’s a job that not everyone can execute. However, you will require to know the little things and must follow every guideline to make the most out of it. Moreover, look carefully and after analyzing, choose your website wisely.

Sonu Singh

Sonu Singh is an enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert at 4SEOHELP. He is digitally savvy and loves to learn new things about the world of digital technology. He loves challenges come in his way. He prefers to share useful information such as SEO, WordPress, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing etc. His provided knowledge helps the business people, developers, designers, and bloggers to stay ahead in the digital competition.

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