5 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning

Do you want your website to appear in the first search results on Google? With these tips that I give you below you can improve your SEO or organic positioning, so that when someone enters your keywords and thematic in Google your site is the first place where the user clicks. Glamy SEO service will help you to gain more knowledge about SEO positioning.

Tips To Improve Your SEO Positioning

  1. Original content

Although this seems obvious, I wanted to highlight it. Google greatly penalizes ” copiotas “, so to speak in a friendly way. Discover that there are two or more duplicate content and will penalize the second person who has entered that information on the Internet.

Original content

However, you will be thinking “but I can’t place anything repeated on my website?” Imagine that you had an interview and want to copy it literally on your website. In this case, Google would penalize you, so the solution could be to take a screenshot and enter it as an image on your website.

To be clear from when Google will penalize us, it’s about 20 %. If in a post we introduce a famous phrase from an author, there will be no problem, because it will be less than 20%. But you know, beware of introducing more than that 20%.

  1. Get a high visiting time

Another of the ways that Google has to know which web pages are the best is the time spent on the site. If it detects that your users spend a lot of time on your website, it will benefit you by improving your position in the rankings.

What can we do so that users do not leave the web quickly? Mainly, that our website is optimized and we have good content, just what they demand, of course. But besides, we can increase the time with videos and images, for example.

Because as users, we are usually in a hurry, and when we scan a page or post, we only stop if we see something that catches our attention. Therefore, if we use infographics and videos, there are more possibilities for the user to stop and increase the time spent on our website.

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  1. Share on Social Networks

The more shared your content is on Social Networks, the better your SEO positioning. Make it easy for your users, place social media buttons in visible areas of your website, and of course in the articles of your blog, so if they liked what you have written they have it easy to share. When you write good content, your users feel grateful for the valuable information you have given them and want to share it with their entire community.

Social Sharing

I must mention the case of Google +. It is nothing new that the social network of Google does not just curdle in users, therefore, the search engine greatly benefits those who use it. If we share our blog posts and pages on Google+, it benefits us greatly for our positioning.

Also, keep in mind those people who know that your content may like, write them an e-mail or private message individually, do not assume that they have seen your publication on social networks.

  1. Linked content

What does this mean? That from our website we link to other sites, social networks, other posts, etc. Both internal and external links. And also that our website is linked from other sites: other blogs of our theme that we find interesting our content, other websites that recommend us, all our social networks should lead to our website, etc.

Linked content

But beware of this. These links must be good, it is worth nothing than a web page in another language, with malicious content, viruses or without any content linking us. If Google discovers a huge amount of linked content, from places nothing related to our theme, it will penalize us.

We must take into account the broken links, since it may not have been broken the first time we wrote it, but that website has changed its domain, has disappeared, etc. Therefore, we must analyze the volume of broken links and correct them.

  1. Keywords

Of course, if you want to position yourself with certain keywords, they should be in many parts of your website or blog. Where? Above all, in titles and subtitles, in the first 200 words of the text, throughout the text in bold or italic, in the meta-description, in the title and alternative text of the images, and of course in the URL (they must be short and friendly).

keyword research

In addition to being in many places, you must analyze how much you will repeat them. Ideally, these keywords are repeated by 0.5% throughout the entire text. Numerous tools calculate your percentage of keywords.

But what words do we choose? Of course, closely related to your subject, but we must conduct a study of keywords to analyze which words have a higher search volume since those will be the ones we use to position ourselves. One tool you can use to analyze keywords is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

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Sonu Singh is an enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert at 4SEOHELP. He is digitally savvy and loves to learn new things about the world of digital technology. He loves challenges come in his way. He prefers to share useful information such as SEO, WordPress, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing etc. His provided knowledge helps the business people, developers, designers, and bloggers to stay ahead in the digital competition.

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