How to Create Animated Characters to Make Training Videos

Animated characters are attractive and have the ability to grab the attention of children as well as adults. According to the latest research, animated videos are more impactful and more understandable as compared to other videos. Animation is used in different fields especially when the concern is teaching or learning.

Training videos are useful and provide a positive impact as compared to verbal talk. It is recommended to use animation to make training videos more grateful and eye-catching. In this article, we have described the whole process to create inspiring animated characters to make training videos.

Doratoon: the best-animated cartoon character creator

The process to create animated characters for training videos is not a hectic task if you have the right tool in your hand. There are a lot of animation makers that are working online but when we are specifically concerned about making animation for training videos then Doratoon is the best option anyone can use.

It provides a wide range of already made templates for training videos which cannot only reduce the users’ workload but also save much of their time visit this page Doratoon to explore the templates. Its unlimited elements including cartoon characters make it an incredible option to be used in training videos.

It provides a user-friendly interface that is helpful for beginners and for people who do not know much about video editing and still can get a masterpiece in a short time without having previous experience and special knowledge.

It is a versatile and flexible platform that provides services to the public free of cost. You can use its basic free plan and can create a masterpiece without spending a single penny. Additionally, it covers all the fields including business, education, and many more.

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Important features of Doratoon

Doratoon is not just an animated character creator but is also a customization tool that can permit the users to personalize the created animations to the maximum extent. Following are some of the standard features it is providing to the public:

  • User-friendliness

It provides a user-friendly interface to its users. Because of this a layman can create animated character training videos without having special animation knowledge and previous experience.

  • Budget-friendly

This is the most budget-friendly animation maker. It provides a basic free plan to the public through which you can enjoy all the free available features but the pro and Pro plus plan it is offering are also very reasonably priced.

  • Advanced editing tools

As described earlier it is not just an animation creator but it also works to provide customization tools to the users so they can be personalized along with creating training videos. By using Dorartoon you can customize scenes, change background or filters and also control brightness level on the screen.

  • Unlimited elements

Doratoon offers unlimited cartoon characters and props that can surely enhance the reliability of your training Videos. You can choose a specific type of cartoon character or related props according to the title of your video.

  • AI drawing and Dubbing

You can add dubbing or drawing into your animations to make them more interesting and understandable. Both of these features are worked by using artificial intelligence so you don’t need to do a lot0 just add the text and the rest will be handled by Doratoon.

  • Subtitles or music addition

By using sound and subtitles features you can easily add background music into your created animated training videos. You can choose a track from Doratoon’s Library or can upload it from your device. At this step, you are also allowed to add subtitles to your animations.

guideline to create an animated character training video

Step by step guideline to create an animated character training video

Following a step-by-step guide is given to describe the whole process of making an animated character training video.

Step 1.

First of all, we have to approach Doratoon’s official website, and once you are there sign up yourself. The signup button is present on the top right side of the screen.

Step 2.

After login into the website, you will get access to all the features it is providing. Look for the ‘Workbench’ option from the top menu.

Step 3.

A new screen will open,  from here you have to select the ‘Create a new video’ option from the left pane. Now you will be asked to choose a method, you can go for horizontal or vertical layout.

Step 4.

Now the editing interface will open, you are allowed to create your own animation or can use the templates it is providing. When you are done export the created video.

Doratoon creation of a video

After the creation of a video, you are allowed to share that video with your friends or family members on different social media platforms. This is how creating an animated training video on the Doratoon website is so simple and trouble-free.

Doratoon in different training videos

Following are the different types of corporate training videos in which you can use animation created by Doratoon to enhance their impact and influence.

Orientation training video

We can use animation to introduce new employees to the company and the environment in orientation training sessions. Animated orientation training videos are comfortable and new arrivals will feel welcome.

Technical training video

When we are concerned with educating employees about the specific industry tool,  process, or software, an animated character’s video can deliver a complex message more efficiently.

Safety guidelines training video

In safety training videos we have to convey all the safety measures clearly and precisely. This type of training video is important to avoid workplace injuries and diseases. By incorporating animation we can make these videos more eye-catching.

Remedial training video

A time may occur when employees need motivational training so they can learn about their faults and overcome their complexes. You can create an animated inspiring motivational video that could be a small story but is able to deliver a strong message.

Ending Remarks

Constructing animated training videos is a unique and inspiring idea where you can deliver the message more efficiently. But most people do not know how to create animated character training videos. We have covered all about animated training videos and how you can easily make them on your own.

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