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4 Things to Look for in A WooCommerce Hosting Provider

Many WordPress users host their websites with a reliable hosting plan. WordPress hosting is required for website users to host websites and applications and make them online accessible for internet users. So, if you want a reliable hosting infrastructure to host WordPress sites, go for MilesWeb’s cheap WordPress hosting to host websites and manage domains easily.

One plugin of the WordPress platform transforms your site into eCommerce stores. Many online marketplaces are there on the internet that WooCommerce powers. woocommerce hosting powered by MilesWeb services with the top-notch hosting infrastructure to host websites and applications. Now, if you do the research on search engines for WooCommerce hosting providers, there are many names you will be getting.

However, how do you choose WooCommerce hosting providers? For that purpose, we have curated this post to share the information about choosing WooCommerce hosting providers. Keep reading to gain insights.

Why Do You Need WooCommerce Hosting?

Developing a new WooCommerce site requires a solid foundation and relevant resources that can keep your website looking good. A good type of web hosting infrastructure help website users look good, is easy to use, and gives higher uptime. Reliable WooCommerce hosting providers like MilesWeb offers a guaranteed uptime of upto 99.95%.

Faster loading websites will generate more income as loading time will be less than two seconds and 85% of internet users prefer such sites. Also, there will be a minimal bounce rate on high-performing sites, so the shopping experience will be easier and deliver a profitable outcome.

Now, WooCommerce hosting is more about technical expertise and server management. Hence, you need a reliable WooCommerce hosting service provider to manage all technical aspects and configurations. MilesWeb offers reliable WooCommerce hosting services with free SSL and guaranteed server resources.

The Checklist to Follow for Choosing WooCommerce Hosting

1. Backups

You are running an online marketplace where data loss can occur anytime. Therefore, you need a proper hosting provider that offers you free data backup and migration services. WooCommerce sites are comprised of thousands of WordPress plugins, and if you have installed them on your WooCommerce site, you can afford to lose all such plugins to get into the data loss.

The top-quality WooCommerce hosting providers offer free data backup services where all data is backed up, and in case any emergency occurs, your site’s data is safe.

2. Support

No one knows when technical glitches occur, and such crucial errors and downtime can occur anytime. Thus, you need a good IT team to manage and maintain servers. Also, they should be available 24×7 customer support. Round-the-clock support is crucial for website owners, so they don’t have to worry if their sites experience downtime.

As far as MilesWeb’s WooCommerce hosting plans are concerned, you will be getting 24×7 customer support via email and live chat. Thus, there will be no problems in downtimes and technical errors. They have a proficient IT team to maintain servers and their technical aspects.

The good point of taking their managed WooCommerce hosting plans is the hosting provider manages your online marketplaces’ technical aspects. And as a site owner, you will only have to focus on the website’s development task. Moreover, as you are running an eCommerce store, you need a good product catalog that helps you gain a competitive edge. So, focus on such parts instead of maintaining servers.

3. Add on features

Many website owners are looking for different add-on features like control panels, managed support, and others that help WooCommerce merchants to grow their sites. WooCommerce hosting providers like MilesWeb offer the control panel, free website migration, and free website backup services. Due to this, website owners can take their businesses to the next level, and it will build a good online reputation for their business. Google Workspace is something special addon that will be helpful for you. Gain access to professional Gmail at your domain, cloud storage on Google Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more for business when you upgrade to Google Workspace.

As an eCommerce merchant, you sometimes have to deal with multiple clients. Hence, you require a proper focus and relevant resources to manage your domains in managing administrative tasks and other activities. This is where reliable web hosting companies like MilesWeb come into the picture and provide top-notch features with hosting plans. All features like website migration, control panel, and others are provided by them.

4. Enhanced Hosting Security

Undoubtedly, WooCommerce sites are known for higher security, but there should be no leniency in installing additional secured web applications. Malicious attacks and data breaches have become normal news in this competitive internet world. Thus, safeguard your mission-critical websites with free SSL certifications provided by MilesWeb.


WooCommerce sites are a good source of income to generate revenue through online sites. Choose the right hosting partner offering relevant features and showcase your brand’s online credibility hassle-free. To make your task easier, we have curated this post and follow the same to gain valuable insights on how to choose the right WooCommerce hosting partner.

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