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The Power of Big Data in Improving Overall Quality of Life

Place your ears anywhere where they are talking about databases and database management languages and platforms, and you surely would hear the word big data. Everyone is talking about big data. And it’s time to learn what it is so that you can also understand it when you are discussing your company’s or organization’s database management with a database administrative team or expert. Getting out of the fear of facing technological jargons helps you take a big leap, and this discussion about the role and significance of big data in the changing world of database management would help you absorb the concept.

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What Is Big Data?

An enormous amount ofdata gets collected from numerous diverse sources every day from around the world, which are used in one or the other way by companies, websites, businesses, organizations, and many other services, which are private, public, and government. These huge chunks of data, which gets collected every second globally, makes for a huge pool of data, which is referred to as the big data. This big data, which means the enormously huge pool of data is then sorted, sifted, organized and filtered, to extract out the much needed usable valuable data from it. But not all the data in it is usable or worthy. And much of the raw data stays unused or unorganized because of its low value or no value at the moment. Both the unused data and the user data, whether processed or unprocessed, refers to big data.The contribution of big data and many database languages based on utilizing big data has brought severalsolutions to businesses and brought waves of many IT trends too.

Prediction Of Customer Behavior By The Use Of Big Data

With the use of big data, companies and businesses track their user behavior, feedback, and preferences. For this companies use data from blogs and emails, social media, surveys and feedback forms, browser logs and so many diverse sources. And all this is done to track the minds of customers. Couple up text analytics data and data from sensors with it, and you can see what a large pool of data gets formed.

Optimization Of Business Processes

Businesses are using big data to optimize their processes. Based on what customers are looking for, businesses are improving the quality of their services and products or bringing on changes in their packages and policies. Based on bog data obtained from social media, trends of web search and many other values, retailers can improvise their stocks.

Optimization Of Personal Performance And Quality Of Life

With the proper use of big data, it’s not just the government bodies and businesses which improves, but individuals can also improve their quality of life. Quality of life can be accessed, analyzed, and things can be changed in lifestyle to bring on greater changes for overall betterment. This primarily applies to health care, and also to finances and many other things. For example, with the use of wrist bands which collects data as steps walked, calories burned, etc., you can analyze your daily activities, and make necessary changes. Again with mobile apps and other software etc. which tells about finances, you may change the way you save and invest in improving your financial planning and condition. The collective data collected by individually used devices also corresponds to a huge amount of data that can bring insight to many aspects of life and lifestyle.

Use Of Big Data In Public Health Welfare

The huge amount of data being collected by different devices used by individuals, and different projects and surveys, etc. from healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc., adds up to a huge amount of data, which can be used in different ways to find new dimensions in decoding complex equations. And such findings can change the very face of healthcare, medicine, genetics, and so many things. From infant care to epidemic prediction, everything is possible with algorithms which may be created using huge volumes of big data.

Improvement In Sports Performance

Using sensors and other equipment that track the speed, movement, activity, etc., the performance of sports persons and athletes can be increased. Here once again it’s the role of big data that gets collected from the activities and habits of athletes.

Scientific Advancements In Researches

Scientific researches and improvements in scientific approach and vision is also a result of the extreme utilization of big data in a methodical way. Using apps and software which works in collaboration with big data handling database management systems, many scientific processes get improved every day, and big changes are brought in research methods, etc.

Performance Optimization In Machines

Devices and machines for the welfare of humanity in diverse ways can be improved, and their performance can be enhanced when big data related to their user feedback gets used. From the way, people use the devices, get benefited or suffer losses from them, and the various user feedback they give for a machine, many deductions can be made. All of them helps in bringing a better version of the devices and machines.

Utilization Of Big Data Using Apt Database Management Systems

All of these betterment in the world can be brought by using big data, and this is not all. There is much more utilization of big data. But this can be achieved only when the data is used in an apt way. This includes proper storage and utilization of data, and for this, the requirement is of very good database management systems, and very good database management experts. Altogether it’s the job of expert database administrative solutions like, which can bring on the revolutionary results from processing and using big data in various domains.


If you want to utilize the big data you are receiving every day in the most productive way, then you must team up with experts who are experienced to use the data in the most appropriate way, with the most updated database management setup and system. The better you use your data today, the more improved your system, business, and resources can be tomorrow.

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