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  • Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle Algorithm August Broad Core Update 2023

    Google Algorithm Updates 2023: August Broad Core Update

    Google announced on August 22, 2023 that it has rolled out a broad core algorithm update. This is the second broad core update of 2023, following the March 2023 update. Broad core updates are changes to Google’s search algorithm that are designed to improve the quality of search results. They are not targeted at any specific websites or pages, but…

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  • Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle Rolling Out October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update

    Google Rolling Out October 2022 Spam Algorithm Update

    Google has verified that an algorithm change designed to combat spam is being rolled out across all languages and countries’ search results. Google estimates that it will take some time for the October 2022 spam update to go into full effect. (Quite evident considering that Google’s debut of it required 11 months of planning. Unless you’re willing to make the…

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  • Google Algorithm UpdatesMay 2022 Core Algorithm Update

    May 2022 Core Algorithm Update

    Google has confirmed the May 2022 Core Algorithm Update rollout, which effectively means the season of volatile SERPs fluctuation is back. There has been a lot of chatter around an impending Google Core Update as it’s been six months since we last saw Google rolling out one. The last time Google launched a core update was in November 2021. Though…

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