UPSC CMS Exam: All You Should Know About the Recruitment Process

The Combined Medical Services test, often known as the CMS exam, is held by the UPSC once each calendar year for the purpose of hiring medical officers for various government-affiliated institutions such as the Indian Railways, the Army, and Ordinance Factories. People who prepare for UPSC CMS exam 2023 should know all the ins and outs of the recruitment process. If you’re looking for some crucial information about your UPSC CMS recruitment process, keep reading this blog.

What Are the Benefits of Cracking the UPSC CMS 2023 Exam?

In Indian society, the UPSC CMS carries much more respect, pride, and authority. Anyone who passed the UPSC CMS exam would advance to the position of Chief Medical Officer. Considering the respect, renown, and dignity connected with UPSC positions, getting hired through the UPSC is of the highest importance to some people.

UPSC CMS Exam Pattern 2023

The test consists of two parts: a written test and a personality test, with the written test serving as the first round. Two exams, I and II, with a combined 250 marks and lasting two hours each, make up the written exam. With an English-language booklet, the test is in a multiple-choice format.

What Is the Eligibility for the UPSC CMS Exam?

  • He or she must be an Indian national.
  • Having received an eligibility certificate from the Indian government, he or she may be an Indian citizen, a citizen of Nepal, Bhutan, or a Tibetan Refugee.
  • He or she must have passed the final M.B.B.S. Examination written and practical portions.
  • If a person passes the UPSC CMS CBT exam and plans to take the final M.B.B.S. exam, they will need to show confirmation that they have completed the M.B.B.S. exam.
  • While a candidate who has not finished the required rotating internship is academically qualified to sit for the exam, they will not be hired until they have finished the required rotating internship.

He/she must be under 32 years old. According to government regulations, age restrictions apply to designated groups.

What is UPSC CMS Recruitment?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds the Combined Medical Services Examination as part of its recruiting process to find individuals with M.B.B.S. degrees for a variety of medical officer positions in two categories.

The Commission conducts the hiring in two steps, starting with an objective-style written test in English, then moving on to an interview or personality test. Every year, the Commission performs this recruitment and issues a formal announcement that includes all required information in the month of April.

Medical Examination

The candidate who is found to not meet these requirements after undergoing a medical examination that the Central Government or the Appointing Authority, generally speaking, may approve, will not be chosen. All applicants who receive a call from the Union Public Service Commission for a personality test or interview may be compelled to present for a medical examination, which is necessary.

Hence, one of the most crucial aspects of service allocation is the medical examination. Therefore its prompt completion is crucial for the timely and efficient delivery of services.

A recommendation as to whether a candidate is fit or unfit for all services, temporarily unfit, or unfit for technical services will be made based on the results of the medical examination conducted by the Central Standing Medical Board (C.S.M.B.), which was established with the goal of determining a candidate’s mental and physical status.

Advice for Candidates

On the day of the medical examination, the candidate should arrive after having fasted for at least 10 hours. When they arrive for the medical examination, they shouldn’t arrive without taking any medication.

Bring your hearing aids along with the appropriate prescription. The candidate is advised to stop wearing their contact lenses at least 48 hours before the medical exam if they are currently wearing them. The candidate must bring documentation of any prior surgical procedures they have undergone.

Candidates who fall under the Physically Handicapped (P.H.) category are recommended to bring any assistive devices they currently use, as well as any “Disability Certificates” that have previously been awarded to them by a Disability Medical Board.

All candidates who are pregnant will be qualified for all services, with the exception of those that call for physical training. Individuals who require physical therapy will be deemed Fit.

Prepare for Medical Examination

The candidates are expected to adequately prepare themselves before contacting the Central Standing Medical Board for a medical examination in order to prevent any unfavorable outcomes.

It is advised to start exercising a few weeks or months before the scheduled medical checkup, especially if you have chosen I.P.S. Make sure to prepare ahead of time. Build up your strength and wellness level gradually, and allow yourself adequate planning time to shed any extra weight.

UPSC CMS Exam Study Notes

There are two stages to the UPSC CMS Exam: the written exam and the interview. Consequently, it is crucial for students to study from notes that are pertinent from an exam standpoint if they want to ace this test. The UPSC CMS notes not only cover the full syllabus but are also a good source of practice for the applicants.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, the UPSC CMS exam is a tough but prestigious exam that can help you start a great medical career. If you want to do well in this exam, you need to have good grades and be good at solving problems.

You can prepare by understanding what will be on the exam and how to study for it. If you do well on the exam, you might get a job working for the government and helping people in different ways. If you really like medicine and want to be successful, the UPSC CMS exam can help you reach your goals.


1. Can an M.B.B.S. candidate in their last year register for the UPSC CMS 2023 exam?

Yes, Candidates who have taken or have not yet taken the final M.B.B.S. Examinations are also eligible to apply.

2. When will the UPSC CMS 2023 announcement be made?

In April 2023, the Commission will make the official announcement.

3. Is a candidate with a B. Pharmacy degree qualified to take the UPSC CMS exam?

No, an M.B.B.S. degree is the minimum educational requirement needed to sit for the UPSC CMS exam.

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