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9 Tips to Create One of the Best Blogs on the Net

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Blogging is a phenomenon that has been spreading for several years. Before the boom of social networks. The acceptance of Internet users was overwhelming. The platforms and themes of the blogs were reproduced at a dizzying pace. This is perhaps due to the need we all have to express ourselves, to reflect our knowledge and ideas and share them with the world. It is an intrinsic part of the human being. Blogs arise, then, as personal diaries in which we write freely and that we share with billions of people around the world. Anyone can have a personal blog. But getting one of the best Internet blogs is only available to a few.

At the business level, making one of the best blogs that outperform the competition is incredibly useful. Blogging is a fundamental part of the current strategies of the famous (and efficient) content marketing. The best blogs become a tremendously effective tool to disseminate information about our company and / or personal brand.

As we see, the results of managing a quality blog can boost our business. But we must keep in mind that it is not an easy task. The management of a blog in conditions requires perseverance, effort, creativity, and dedication.

1. Write about what you know:

It may seem very basic, but it is the first step towards success in textual digital platforms! Do not try to convince your target that you know about areas that you have no idea. Sooner or later, denizens will notice; You will lose your community and you will soon run out of inspiration to write. You should write publications about things you know in-depth. Thus, you can spread your knowledge, find almost inexhaustible sources of inspiration and, most importantly, you will feel comfortable writing and your posts will reflect it.

2. Read other blogs:

“Good artists copy, great artists steal,” said Pablo Picasso. With this, we do not pretend to encourage plagiarism. What is certain is that by enriching yourself with brilliant people in your field, you will get your content to improve significantly. Take your time to browse blogs, select the ones that interest you and those that are most popular. Now you just have to read, read and read … Take note of interesting styles, writing, expressions, and categorizations. I aspirate yourself in the great bloggers and apply their strategies to your posts.

3. Choose the platform:

The platform of your blog will be the backbone on which everything will rest. That is why it is important to choose one that we know how to use well and that does not give us problems later. There is nothing shabbier than a blog with a bungling technological base. No matter how good the content is uploaded, if you do not know how to manage the platform, you will make it difficult for your community to understand and search … and people will run away from your site! You can choose from a wide range of textual, paid or free platforms. The most used are WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla. The first two have a fairly intuitive mechanism so you don’t have to have great technical knowledge to use them; besides, some of the best blogs are positioned in them. Joomla is somewhat more complicated but also allows different possibilities to be developed. The choice is yours.

4. Get a domain and hosting:

Although at first, you are reluctant, we cannot stop recommending that you have your domain. In this case, you will see how a small investment is worth it in the long run. Choose a name that represents your brand and the characteristics of your company. The hosting service is also a crucial issue: perform it carefully. You can choose between the different suppliers that populate the market.

5. Take care of the design:

Today, we tend to judge a book by its cover. Like it or not, the image is decisive in the world in which we live. The case of blogging, therefore, was not going to be different. Pay attention to choose a good template (you can purchase a free or premium). Play with the elements, their layout, colors, geometry … so that your blog is attractive but without going over. Remember that the goal is that your posts are read, not that your blog looks like a pair of lights and colors. If you take a look around the web, you will see that the best blogs usually adopt a bicolor and minimalist design. Within sobriety, do not forget to add an original and personalized touch that distinguishes you.

6. Use the categories well:

Blogs give you the ability to categorize your posts by subject. This option, in addition to helping you organize and facilitate the search for your readers, is a reef for SEO. We recommend that you categorize all your posts, including a maximum of 4 to 5 tags (you already know how little it likes and how much it tires).

7. Establish a minimum publication rate:

Experienced bloggers know that the best blogs on the web receive thousands of visits a day because the community is “hooked” on them. This cyber dependency leads to the obligation to provide content constantly but without saturating them. If you are the only one who manages the blog, an average of 2 to 3 content per week is a good figure. If you have help (or more free time and desire to write), you can afford up to a daily post. At first, it may seem like too much time and effort; but as you work on it, the contents will emerge more easily and you will even discover a small pleasure in the noble art of writing.

8. Behave like a true blogger:

Discover and participate in the forums of other blogs, also share its contents. Bring out your public relations side and advertise your blog by all possible means. Remember that social networks works will always be your great allies. But don’t limit yourself only to the Internet. Talk to your friends and acquaintances of your blog, invite them to read it and give you their most sincere opinion. You will receive constructive criticism that will help you improve remarkably. And you know there is no better propaganda than word of mouth.

9. Take care of your community:

As the great rock stars say, without the public what we do makes no sense. And soon you will realize that without an interactive and faithful community, your blog is nothing. Worry (really) for them. Encourage them to comment, answer all their questions and questions, be empathetic with them and play with the feedback, check occasionally what posts interest them most and why … The best blogs are made up of communities of great readers.

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