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Key People in Your Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Hire the Right Team!

Every business needs to promote it-self and these days that largely means online marketing. Think about it for a brief second, if you want to find something what’s the first thing you do? Google it, and that says it all. So to be able to do this you will need an effective digital marketing strategy and an effective digital marketing team to implement it.

What Are Your Aims?

Before you even begin to think about hiring you need to know what your aims are. Better sales, more profits, and a fat bank balance are no doubt in your thinking. But how exactly will you achieve this? Do you need to make online sales via an e-commerce platform, in this case, you need a lot of design and tech expertise as well as marketing or are you driving traffic to your information site to generate leads and new customers that way? This will give you an idea of the make-up of your desired team.

How Much Are You Willing To Do Yourself

How much of the digital promotion work are you going to be willing to do yourself? To answer this question you need to consider two different issues. Firstly what are your skills and experience in this area? If they are lacking then would your time be better spent doing what you do well rather than learning a whole new skill-set. Secondly, even if you do have the skills do you have the time? Basically, if you can bring in more revenue doing your own job, then hire people in, but if you have the time and expertise then use it to your advantage.

Out-Sourced or In-House?

This is a good question, whether to hire in-house or use a marketing agency can be a key consideration and the answer really depends on the volume of work. If you have a large organization and would have enough going on for several dedicated professionals then you will benefit from having staff on-hand and in your building. On the other hand, if you have a smaller organization then you will have a more limited budget and this makes it more difficult to get specialists on staff and you would be left with a jack of all trades, so the answer here tends to out-source the work to an agency.


Even though the website can be where sales are made, you are still going to have a sales staff of some kind. To process orders, make good sales or for client liaison where there is after-sales work to be done. This side of the business needs good people and can really affect your reputation and online with the effects of bad reviews being potentially serious this is important.

Design & Coding

You’ll want a well-functioning and also good-looking website, It needs to be practically usable and professional looking at the same time. For this task you ideally need a good combination of coders and designers working together as a team.

Content Writing

In addition to good design, you’ll need content to be written and for this to be done perfectly then it’s going to need to be done by professional writers as designers aren’t always the best with words.

SEO & Web Promotion

Finally, once you have all this in place the best website in the world will be of no use if no one can find it. So you’ll need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meaning getting your site high up in the search engines for your preferred terms. For example, if you are a lawyer then digital marketing agency services with SEO for lawyers will help you to promote. The web promotion team would also be responsible for other online promotions, principally using social media to spread the word and interact with existing and potential customers.

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