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Google My Business “Family-Led” A New Attribute Launched by Google

Google has launched a new function for your business profiles in “Google my business”. Following feature that is a major step for production led and operated by the family. This new attribute is known “Family Led”. Select the tab when you edit your business information into Google my business center.

This step is next to the two earlier commence functions that are a Women-led tab and the veteran led-tab. When you apply on the button – “family-led”, Google takes around three days to make the variation. Google will project a special lead symbol in businesses and pop up in Google Search engine and Google maps.

What Helps Does It Provide In Pushing Your Business Forward?

Google results give user compatibility with filtration and tailoring. When you apply any of these three characteristic this helps your website a push on search results. When you apply for the icon-based programming than a badge is set to be provide to you and a shiny thing appears that tells that you are a family, a woman, or veteran-led businesses. This makes a boost in your company trades.

Google My Business Adds Family Led Attribute

How can I facilitate?

Do as directed to add this wonderful feature in your outline-

  1. First Go to “Google my business
  2. Select your business
  3. Click “Info” tab (left-hand side)
  4. Click “Add Attributes”
  5. Click on the pencil icon
  6. The new window suddenly pops-up when you click on


  1. Apply it to Business listing

This component is best label your family-led businesses on Google maps or in Google searches results

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