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Hello, I am Imran Khuredi. I am digital marketing consultant and freelance writer who love to write about SEO services & different marketing tips. I have years of experience in internet marketing field. I offer freelance writing, blogging, copywriting and Local SEO services to businesses. I have worked with many B2C & B2B businesses by providing them internet marketing content that gain attention & enhance their search engine visibility.
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    How to Get Ready for the Google Mobile-First Index?

    Mobile-First Index by Google was officially announced in November 2016. At a recent 2018 Pubcon conference in Austin, Texas, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Garry Illyes, confirmed that the much-anticipated Mobile First Index (MFI) is likely to roll out imminently, within a few weeks. With more and more searches coming directly from mobile devices, Google is now following a suit to…

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