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  • SEOTrends in SEO

    4 Trends in SEO to Pay Attention To

    Searching engine optimization has been ‘a thing’ for two decades. While it started in a fairly rudimentary fashion because the early search engines were basic, it’s become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. As SEO practitioners try different approaches to experiment, new SEO trends crop up as a result of giving fresh ideas a whirl and seeing what’s working. Some of…

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  • SEOThe Most Important SEO Trends

    Top SEO Trends for 2023

    The Most Important SEO Trends to Watch Similar to alternative areas in the tech business, SEO is consistently dynamic. The once fail-proof method of systematically landing atop SERPs (search engine results pages) became extraneous among many months. SEO practices that after dominated the business quickly fell out of favour. The Google algorithm itself changes perpetually, generally with multiple changes happening…

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