Rajeev Gaur

Mr. Rajeev Gaur is the one of well-admired faces of the digital marketing. He is currently designated as the digital marketing head of the popular company e-Definers Technology. He believes in exchanging the ideas and knowledge about the latest in the technology. His company provides the services like SEO, SMO, Web Design and so on.
  • ORMYelp Reviews

    How to Get Rid Of Negative Yelp Reviews and Complaints

    Yelp.com is a website run by Yelp from its headquarters in San Francisco, USA. The main goal of the site and the app is to provide public reviews of various types of services and products. Anyone can publish a remark here, edit it and renew it. Because these reports are open to reading, anyone can enter the website and go…

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  • EcommerceEcommerce Website

    Impressive Things To About Ecommerce Web Designing You Might Not Know

    Why You Need Ecommerce Website For Your Business? Do you have a physical store where you sell your products or services? Do you want to take your business online to earn more customers and sales? If yes then ecommerce website designing should be your next priority. Since it is in trend, ecommerce can boost your sales and conversion. However, plenty…

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  • PPCLanding Pages

    4 Things to Consider Creating High Conversion PPC Landing Pages

    Want to get more conversions? Then you have to improve the landing page which helps you to get genuine buyers in real-time. These landing pages can either build up or they can break your business. Similar to the concept of leaky buckets poor landing pages won’t make good conversions. So, you need to adjust the loopholes in optimizing your landing…

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  • Digital Marketing

    Incredible Tips to Use Quora for Digital Marketing Services in 2023

    With over 1.5 million visitors every month, Quora has also become a powerful and engaging platform where users can learn and even share their knowledge with others. It is a place to post questions with the experts who contribute their knowledge and experience by providing meaningful answers. But in digital marketing services, it is one of the things which should…

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  • Other

    All You Need To Know About Web Push Notifications

    There is no denying fact that we are too dependent on the internet for our perquisites. Most of our time is spent using the internet browser whether on mobile or desktop. While using the browser you must have observed a pop-up suddenly comes out at the top of asking you for permission for the notifications. What exactly it is? Let…

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  • Content MarketingContent Marketing and Its Tools

    What is Content Marketing and Its Tools?

    Content advertising is a useful, appropriate, consistent advertising strategy. It is your website’s most excellent and most efficient route to create organic news. Do you have to think about how anybody can do content marketing? With the advancements in marketing strategies, content marketing is something you have to learn. Content marketing is a type of internet marketing focused on creating…

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  • EcommerceEcommerce SEO

    Proven SEO Ways to Rank Your Ecommerce Store in the Year 2023

    Introduction It is an undeniable fact that the rate of conversion and ranking matters more after the successful ecommerce web development. It is because of the nature of the business. In order to flourish an online store, one needs maximum attention from the people over the internet. You need to optimize your online store in such a way that people…

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  • YoutubeYouTube Checklist

    Improve Your YouTube Channel with This Leaked YouTube Checklist

    Can you imagine that more than a hundred hours of videos are uploaded to this giant video platform, YouTube? Guess, it happens every minute. There are an ample number of reasons which makes it a second most popular search engine available to users. In order to generate the most views or the most likes on YouTube, channel owners strive hard…

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  • WikipediaWikipedia page creation

    Everything You Need To Know About Wikipedia Page Editors

    In any case, Wikipedia is your go-to site for any hunt inquiry that may spring up in your mind whenever. Other than giving data from a wide cluster of subjects, Wikipedia incorporates content that is referred from solid sources. Along these lines, don’t stress if you have a research project or an examination article to compose on, Wikipedia has got…

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  • EcommercePromote Mobile App On Social Media

    This Is How You Can Promote Your Mobile App On Social Media

    Making an application opens an entirely different channel by which you can collaborate with your current and likely clients. Your application is a space entirely adaptable to their requirements. The issue in many examples isn’t simply the application, rather, it is the significant advance so frequently missed after the application is made, advancement. The absolute time spent by portable application…

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  • EcommerceEcommerce Best Practices

    Best Ecommerce Practices for Your Businesses You Might Not Know

    Dealing with a fruitful online business requires significantly more than good thoughts and a solid framework. There are numerous budgetary, administrative, and lawful angles that become obvious simply after your business is fully operational. In many cases a pre-set system can assist you with being set up for these sorts of difficulties. In this article, we will introduce an essential…

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  • SEOSEO Checklist for Web Design and Development

    Proper SEO Checklist for Web Design and Development

    In this era of digital marketing, web developers do every possible thing they can in order to bring the content in the best way they can. In addition to this, the professional website developers keep the sites accessible, completely supported and even search-engines friendly. Undeniably, some of their strategies hit the target whereas some misses it. The reason is these…

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  • EcommerceE-Commerce Web Development Technologies

    Game Changing E-Commerce Web Development Technologies To See

    Due to the emergence of a large number of ecommerce stores now most of the people worldwide are familiar with this. The leading e-giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc. has changed the overall concept of the online shopping. In terms of global retail sales of e-business, it is expected that it is going heighten as more users are going…

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  • EcommerceE-commerce Website CTA

    Tips to Make Best CTA on an E-commerce Website

    Nowadays, a large number of ecommerce websites are growing around the internet. Technology in e-business is also changing the way shoppers used to shop. Due to the continuous increase in demand, companies are looking for the new ways to improve the customer experience with various strategies. When it comes to the designing of UI/UX, e-commerce call to action buttons helps…

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  • SEOSEO Services

    Why Do You Need SEO Services To Boost Your Business?

    Technology has changed the way we commute, communicate and conduct business. The World Wide Web has become one of the biggest, most influential marketplaces where entrepreneurs can put their business for global exposure and better earning opportunities. However, simply having a website or web store is not enough these days. Anyone with an idea and an internet connection can make…

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