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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to Remove "Powered by Blogger" From Your Blog

Hi guys, How are you? Today I am going to share how you can remove Powered by Blogger attribute from your blogspot blog.

follow these 8 easy steps

Step 1:

Login to blogger and switch the blog which you want to remove attribute.

Step 2:

Follow this: Dashboard→Template→ backup your template for restore your template if there occurred any problem.

Step 3:

Now hit Edit Html button and mark "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 4:

Press Ctrl+F in your keyboard and find "attribution" and you will see showaddelement='no' and locked='true' near the attribution.

Step 5:

Now replace showaddelement='no' with showaddelement='yes' and locked='true' with locked='false'

Step 6:

Save your template

Step 7:

Click on layout and select attribution widget and remove this one.

Step 8:

Congratulations, you have successfully remove "Powered by Blogger" text from your blog.