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Crawl Efficiency: Making Google Crawl Easier


Crawling is done by the search engines and content is indexed by them. This results in the appearance of the sites in the SERP. The bigger sites take longer time in Crawling and vice versa. But the site should offer optimized crawling and indexing to the search engines. There are ways in which the site can be grown favorably to …

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How to Be Successful By Properly Promoting Information through Social Media

facebook Social Media

The number of subscribers present in any social media site is huge. At every instant thousand of post is being made on social media accounts on various topics. The popularity has increased in such a way that the virtual reality has become the most important aspect of human life. Almost all kinds of promotional and brand business activities are carried …

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Why You Should Buy Web Hosting On Black Friday

black friday web hosting deals

Blogging is today’s trend nowadays. Many people leave their boring jobs and start their journey to explore the adventure of a blogger. This is the reason why today competition is so high in the field of blogging. Blogging is now considered as a good career option, let it be for promoting the business or to interact with new people around …

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Top Reasons To Start Your Own Blog Online


Blogging is one of the most tried and tested way for interacting with the audience and to influence them. Many of us think that blogging is dead today but let me correct you that blogging is not dead and still considered the best way to interact with millions of people. So today I am going to share a few top …

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Tips Need To Focus on Increasing Facebook Ads CTR

facebook Marketing - e-Definers Technology

When the first time Facebook introduced the Facebook Flyers, no one would be imagined Facebook Ads will become one of the largest online platforms for business promotion. Annually, Facebook Ads is turning into the more costly platform because of growing the list of businesses that use it to advance their plans and make a place in the heart of consumers. …

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SEO-Friendly Hosting: 6 Things to Look for in a Hosting Company

SEO Friendly Hosting

The company that is hosting your website affects the SEO efforts that you implement in a number of ways. While a bad web hosting can pose constraints in the way of achieving effective SEO results, the good hosting company can assist you in attaining your desired SEO results in more ways than one. So first let us try to understand …

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Local SEO On-Site & Google Local Page Optimization

Local SEO

If you own a business you have to make the structure of the local SEO structure and Google local page optimization. These two have to be more precise, and you have to know how to work them in your favor. Building a business isn’t very easy as it seems. You have to work for it day and night to make …

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How do The Popular Brands Get Experiential Marketing Right?

Experiential Marketing

Event marketing has once again made it to the top of every CMO’s priority list. The reasons are simple – the traditional television commercials are not cutting it anymore, the audience is tired of mass directed emails and paid advertising campaigns on social media. People want something with a touch of personal experience. Why not? Even their TV series and …

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Google My Business “Family-Led” A New Attribute Launched by Google

Google My Business

Google has launched a new function for your business profiles in “Google my business”. Following feature that is a major step for production led and operated by the family. This new attribute is known “Family Led”. Select the tab when you edit your business information into Google my business center. This step is next to the two earlier commence functions …

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