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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

10 Best Tricks to Improve Your E-Commerce Website

Here I post 10 best tricks/practices for improving your e-commerce website and taking your business to a new level.

There are many features that should be incorporated in your e-commerce website, but it is important to focus your efforts, in the beginning, to ensure you can scale your business online to add more features in the future.

1. Make Beautiful Photographs share for Your Products and Services

2. Merchandise Your Products and top Services

3. You Can Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

4. Deliver One of a Kind Customer Service

5. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc)

6. Use PPC Advertising as a Balance to SEO

7. Use Social Media Marketing (SMO) to Talk with People and Share Your Best Quality Content

8. Build a List Loyal of Customers Using E-mail Marketing

9. Master A/B Testing to Find Out What Works Best on Your Website

A/B testing is the process of testing two different versions of the same web page to see which features are the most appealing to your web visitors.

10. Focus on the Right Copy

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Off Page SEO Tips Step By Step 2018

Follow These 14 Tips For Off Page SEO And Get #1 Rank in Google.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Top 10 Sites Like Reddit - Best Reddit Alternatives Sites

Best 10 Reddit Alternatives Sites

If you are a Reddit lover and want to know some more sites like Reddit, this article may help you!

Reddit is one of the most popular social media and news aggregation websites which is loved by its users! There are several features of Reddit which make it one of the popular websites out there. It’s not very easy for any other website to beat Reddit in terms of popularity, the frequency of updates and the user community.

1). Quora

Quora is one of a fabulous open discussion community which has accumulated immense popularity in the recent past. Quora is known to be a question answer based website but still considered as a Reddit alternative because of its nature of allowing users to share and grow each other’s knowledge.

2). StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the next website in the list of top 10 sites like Reddit. It’s one of the largest content discovery engines which are designed to allow users to share and discover the content of their interest across the world.

3). Voat

If you visit Voat, you will be surprised with the uncanny resemblance in the Interface of the Voat and Reddit. For the first timer, it’s not hard for them to confuse both the social media websites as same if the name were no different.

4). ProductHunt

If you have any particular product in mind to look for, ProductHunt is certainly the one must visit a website for you! With the little different concept from Reddit but pretty much the same idea, ProductHunt lets you discover the best products for you in various categories.

5). 4Chan

4Chan is another site like Reddit that is solely image based! You can consider 4Chan as we have Instagram on our mobile where users are allowed to post Images and drop comments on them.

6).  NewsVine

Newsvine is yet another popular news sites and considered to be one of the sites like Reddit. Newsvine is very popular among those whose main purpose for visiting the website is to know about the current happenings on the Internet!

7). HackerNews

If you are keen technology enthusiasts and holds the extensive interest in the hacking-related stuff, probably Hackernews is the place for you!

8). Digg

If the above-mentioned sites like Reddit have not yet satisfied you and you are still in search for the best Reddit alternative which provides the information about the current happenings on the Internet, you can consider Digg without any doubt.

9). Slashdot

For the tech enthusiasts, slashdot is a must to go for the place. If you are looking for sites like Reddit because you are unhappy with the cluttered interface of Reddit and want information specifically on Tech, Slashdot might be the answer for you.

10). Popurls

Popurls is one of the very popular news websites which aggregates contents from several other popular websites like Reddit, Digg, The Verge, The Huffington posts etc to offers news about the latest happenings on the Internet!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top 10 Best Sites like Tumblr - Best Tumblr Alternatives Sites

Do you wanna know best sites like Tumblr? Well yes, why won’t you be after all. Tumblr is one of the best blogging platforms to create free blogs, express your thoughts and your point of views to the intact world.

1). WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the best blogging platform we have where about 28% of the overall internet websites are powered. There Barely would be any who is involved in blogging but doesn’t know about WordPress.

2). Blogger

After WordPress, the second most popular blogging platform and one of the best sites like Tumblr, which you can consider for creating and hosting a free blog is Blogger.

3). Hubpages

The third free blogging platform and a large community of writing enthusiasts is Hubpages. Hubpages has over 651,553 published articles and an active viewership base of  Over 41,000,000 million people every month.

4). Posthaven

If you are only looking for sites like Tumblr, you might not find Posthaven a suitable platform for you, but if your major purpose is to run your blog online with utmost guaranty, security and with 100% reliability, you can consider Posthaven.

5).  Ghost

Ghost is yet another site like Tumblr which needs to be given a try. The name Ghost might sound really strange for a blogging platform but that’s what it is! We can’t complain about the name “Ghost” but we surely can count on the features of Ghost.

6). Weebly

Weebly is an extremely feature rich and a full-fledged blogging solution to all your online needs. It’s not just one of the sites like Tumblr but a one and all solution to all your blogging and business needs.

7). Wix

Wix is considered as a very great free blogging platform and it’s very popular among people who loves to blog and share ideas with the world. Wix offers almost the similar features to Weebly, Tumblr, and other blogging platforms.

8). Soup

Soup is simply a great blogging platform with minimal features, clean interface and with all the similarities with Tumblr making us give it a mention as one of the prominent sites like Tumblr and a great alternative to it.


Medium, as the name suggests is a great medium to connect you with influencers, follow them, hear from them and vice versa. Creating an account on medium gives you the ability to explore high-quality contents from any category you like.

10). Squarespace

In the list of top 10 best sites like Tumblr, the last website which has occupied the 10th position is Squarespace. It’s a full-fledged platform for everyone who is looking to start their blog, business website or anything related.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Best 15 Social Media Websites

Best Social Media Websites in Overall World

We update top 15 social media website to make your website online identity in over all overall world.

List of top 15 social media sites


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Top 10 Sites Like Pinterest - Alternative Sites Like Pinterest

In this article, we are going to walk you through a list of top 10 sites like Pinterest.

1). Juxtapost

If you love Pinterest for sharing your favorite contents, discovering interesting posts and bookmarking it for the future recommendations, you will truly love Juxtapost as it offers almost the similar features.

2). Dudepins

The posts on Dudepins are very well categorized in different sections making it extremely easy to browse through your favorite contents and discover the most valuable contents that interest you.

3). We Heart It

We heart it is the next Pinterest like site which is considered as one of its popular alternatives. We heart it, is a website that particularly encourages youth to express, share and spread the love with the love and heart pictures all over.

4).  FoodGawker

FoodGawker is a very well organized website where delicious recipes from different categories are organized into different sections making it easy for the users to discover their favorite contents.

5). Pearltrees

With a slightly different concept to Pinterest, Pearltrees is yet another alternative to Pinterest. Like Pinterest and other mentioned sites like Pinterest, Pearltress also lets you discover interesting contents, bookmark it for the future recommendation and share your ideas to the world.

6). DeviantArt

WIth over 38 million registered members and  65 million unique visitors per month, DeviantArt is the biggest community of art lovers and art enthusiasts.

7). Fancy

Fancy lets you discover and buy your favorite products right on the website, build up a community of fashion enthusiasts, follow and get followed by the like minded people and share your thoughts on the product along with sharing your favorite products with others and so forth.

8). Hometalk

Hometalk perhaps is the best place to find ideas about everything Housing. Here, you can find numerous DIY home projects for your home and use them creatively to decorate your house to make it look great!

9). Dribbble

Dribbble has a very active community of users which frequently posts there interesting contents related to web designing, graphic etc, follow other community member’s creations, discuss their ideas and makes Dribbble one of the best and a must visit place for designers.

10). VisualizeUs

The last website in the list of sites like Pinterest which certainly needs to be mentioned is the VisualizeUs. Having somewhat similar interface to the Pinterest, it’s yet another photos sharing platform which lets you bookmark and saves any photos across the web, which you find interesting.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Top Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Keyword research is one of the important and essential parts for the SEO point of view. Several companies spend money to pay for keyword research to get such embattled content. Here are the some points to consider if you are new to keywords research process.

There are number of SEO Tools available get to know which keywords work the best for your overall web strategy.

  • Google Keyword planner
  • SEMRUSH  (Have given a link below to try SEMRUSH for 15 days without paying)
  • LongTailPro
  • SECockpit (Offers 30 days free trial)
  • KWFinder (Have free plan as well)
  • SpyFU
  • WordTracker
  • Ahrefs (An alternative to SEMRUSH)
  • SERPStat

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Best Five Google Ranking Factors in 2017

There are a lot of SEO Companies who gives you guarantees to make your business keywords in Top Google Search results but it is not easy now as it used to be in Past time. Google Regularly releases Algorithm updates to make Search results better and better for its customers. In this Article we are going to explain some Search engine ranking factors for SEO Companies.

1. Link Score

2. Anchor Text Relevancy

3. Keywords in Content

4. Page Speed with Mobile Friendly

5. User Experience with CTR (click through rate)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top Things to Consider Before Making a Website

In this post you get the most important things or points to consider when you starting an online business or a making website.

Some Important things to consider before making a website

1. Choose a Simple Domain relevant to your category

2. Best Hosting service provider

3. Make a Mobile Friendly Website

4. Add blog page and regularly update

5. Better Navigation

6. Content is unique and relevant services or products

7. Must be creative

8. Social Media Presence

9. Must be Responsive

10. Make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly website

Thursday, July 13, 2017

60+ Instant Approval Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Instant approval social bookmarking submission is an good trick to get good quality backlink. So will be able to hold our ranking on top position for long time in search engine. As we know social bookmarking is an part of off page seo. So this sites will also help you to complete one most important portion of seo. This new instant approval bookmarking submission sites will also help you to increase your PA and DA. You will also get thousand of visitor from These Instant approval social bookmarking Sites.

Instant Approval Social Bookmarking Sites 2017

These Social Bookmarking Sites are Not Instant Approval. Its take to approve your post in 24 Hours.