Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Change URL of Published Post on Blogger/Blogspot

After publishing your post on blogger(blogspot) you might want to change the URL of your published post for SEO reasons or because you spotted some error. Updating the URL on blogger is a little different that updating it on your self-hosted WordPress blog.  Follow these steps to change the URL or permalink of your blogger(blogspot) post:

Log in to your blogger(blogspot) account

From your dashboard click on Posts

Edit the post of which you want to update the URL

Click on Revert to draft

Now on the left cover you should see some options below Post Settings

Click on Permalinks

You get an option to choose an automatically generated URL or a custom URL

Update the URL with a new name or simply change the title of your post and your URL should be automatically generated

Click Done

Click Published

There you go. You've successfully changed your blogger(blogspot) URL. For posts that are still draft or unpublished, you can change the URL simply by entering a custom URL (with desired date) on the permalink section under post settings.

Note: Editing of permalink means the older links that points to the post would no longer work. And the customized post would be seen as a new post by the search bots, with the content that was located at another URL before.

Changing the permalink of the post after it has been published is not allowed, as long as the post is in the published status it wouldn't let you do that. That is for obvious reasons, but sometimes you might feel the need of customizing the URL of a post.



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