Monday, June 6, 2016

What is Link Trundle in SEO?

Link Trundle is a new improved and advanced version of Link Wheel in which some small link wheels created with web 2.0 site and linked to authority sites then pointing to money or business site. To understand more clearly see the Link Trundle image below:

The image that is here had make it very easy to understand what a link trundle is and people use it to get their web sites on top of rankings. 

Many big sellers and eCommerce are even using Link Trundle technique in my opinion because they have opened multiple stores for multiple niches. Look at amazon they have their own store and some special portals like zappos for shoes and etc. Link Trundle sound strange by its name but i think its completely ethical and a good way of attracting traffic and making a funnel to gain maximum profit out of website.



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