Thursday, February 26, 2015

List of High PR Microblogging Sites 2017

For now, everyone should know Twitter. However, not everyone knows that Twitter is only one of many Microblogging sites. Many of us heard of the term: blogging website, but what about Microblogging? Well, Micro means small, and Microblogging surely be translated into “small or short messages”. Most of time, people or companies use Microblogging websites to share daily updates, such as personal status, website status, new products, breaking news, etc. It is the fast way to share the latest information. Microblogging also is a great platform of interacting with customers and potential clients, as well as connecting with friends and family members. Most people are only familiar with Twitter and Tumblr, because those are two of the most popular websites online. However, there are still many other popular Microblogging websites. Although they don’t have big scale of audiences, it is still very good to know them. In this article, I am going to share with you list of high PR Microblogging sites, which include Twitter and Tumblr.


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