Thursday, February 26, 2015

List of High PR Dofollow Forum Sites PR5 – PR9

When it comes to links building, there are many ways. If you are doing them incorrectly, you might have been wasting a lot of time; even worse, you site might be gotten punished by Google. For who do not know, forum posting, if you do it correctly, is one of the most powerful ways of building backlinks and generating traffic. Now, when it comes to forum posting, it is important to determine which forums you want to participate. Usually, you should always find forums that are related to your niche or the nature of your business. You do not want to post content about SEO on weight loss forum, because it is simply not relevant and people in the forum will not be interesting your SEO tips/suggestion. Speaking of which forums, traffic and PR ranking are two of the most important factors you ought to consider when it comes to choosing forums. Usually, you want to participate in high PR forums, more importantly, you want forums that have a lot of traffics, because posting stuffs on least popular forums is just like opening a restaurant in a no man’s land; there is a very slight chance someone will visit it. Now, I can’t give each one of you a list of high PR forums that related to your niche. However, in this article, I am going to share with you the list of high PR dofollow forum sites that have PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, and PR9. If you use them wisely, you should see some improvement in SERPs of your website and increasing in traffic. Most of following forums allow profile backlinks, so it might be worth time to register and sign up.